Suddenlink Communications — suddenlink internet

Ji Oct 12, 2019

I went back to Suddenlink in May 2019 I put my account on autopay but 2 months later I got late payment charge. I called them and Customer service just wanted to argue with me saying I didn't put on autopay🤬. I do this because I have very limited funds because I'm on Disability. Wouldn't refund late charge🤬. Then I find out this was a issue on upgrade of systems. Since 1st/2nd week of August my whole area including my service has been down more than it's up. I have called 3 times and spent over 2.25 hours on hold waiting for a Representative to answer and then tried to tell me my equipment (BS) this is a area outage and had nothing to do with equipment!!! On third call told them if they wanted to waste money they could send someone out to check issues because they kept insisting it was line or equipment issues. The 2nd week September I at least had some service yet slow and sporadic. Now down again🤬.

What is going on this is ridiculous I want a refund for service and late charges and a explanation for issues!! I also want to know when or if services will return to what I'm paying for. My whole neighborhood is way past frustrated and it has cost me money because I have had to increase my Phone Service Internet to cover Suddenlink's shortcomings.

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