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Ma Mar 30, 2019

I came to office and spoke w jason whitehead yesterday regarding my difficulty in getting internet fixed.  guy came out, told me same thing last 2 had., a problem w tap, said someone wld make appt next week (this makes 4 wks now) to repair it.  same story, still same problem, only thing is, my bill is due and I still cant do my classes and I still hv to work 12 hour shifts, come home, try to stay awake hoping someone actually shows up and will fix. I dont want to pay bill bc i'm not getting my services bt I need the internet, landline doesnt work if no internet, how long is this going to go on? So far, that's 3 repairmen, over 30 calls iv putand visit to suddenlink office to try and get it repaired.  in what world of business is this okay?

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