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Success-N-Life Robert Tilton Ministries review: Fraud taking the money and throwing prayers in garbage

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Watch out for this wolf in sheeps clothing.
Before the internet i was really gullible and fell for this preachers charisma and funny stories on how to be successful in life. It's a trap. His way is to send him a vow for $1000.00 then pay it off, then GOD will somehow bless you with the money you need. These days i avoid this wolf Pastor Robert Tilton much easier now with the internet. He's a fraud. Google him. If you are thinking of donating money to this charleton please don't. He will only pray for you to give him more money. You will look forward to receiving his prayer requests that will eventually be tossed in his dumpster without even praying over. He will keep your money. He will continue beating whatever 20 years younger wife he has at the time. He is a big scuzbag. If i can stop one person from falling into his trap i have made it worth while. I got bilked bad by this guy. And nowadays i don't support him any more. Nowadays i stick to my local church. I dont trust any of these televangelsts. Its hard to believe but trinity broadcasting network is run by atheists designed to make christians look stupid. Just google it and you will see. Thanks for reading my complaint. I hope it convinved you to avoid this charleton. I personally avoid TBN and CNN like the plague. They are run by Atheists hell bent on suckering your money. They dont even read the prayer requests, they bin them!.

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Aug 12, 2022 5:49 am EDT

Apr 26, 2019 9:58 am EDT

thats your own personal experience, its sad when people like you are so ready to destroy a good mans reputation, by believing lieing secular news media buzzards, rather than staying in faith and watching GOD move, maybe if you open your mind you would understand and, quit being so angry, GOD word does work whether you believeit are not, pastor tilton has helped millions come out of religious blindness, and, is still going strong with his new ministry and, business opportunities, may be you need to check it out so get the facts straight sweety!