Suburban Propanecustomer service

N Nov 19, 2019

I had an account with them for 12 years and I suffered the first 4 years, because they stopped fuel delivery in the middle of winter, always on or around Martin Luther King weekend, while my business is a B&B near a ski mountain with no heat! It was OK for a while after those 4 years but the last few years it's happening again, and now they are giving attitude with it (customer service!). Last winter was the ultimatum, after having frozen my poor father of 86 year's old out of the house, with -20 degree temperatures and not delivering heating oil for almost 2 weeks, and sending every day a person hauling jerrycans of fuel, which burned up during the night. This all because customer service reason was it wasn't convenient for a truck to come, because it wasn't on the route and we just had to the mean time I am trying to run a business... a ski-business, with no heat. The worst company ever and finally changed, but that was also a problem. I have been calling almost every week to have the propane tank removed, so I can get credit for it, for the last 6 weeks after cancelling the the mean time they are sending me a bill with late charges... That's exactly why I left: Incompetent customer service!

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