Stop And Shop / cashiers still refuse to help pack brought bags then continue scanning the next customer!

1 34-51 48th street, United States

I have spoken to management politely a number of times about the lack of help us bag bringers get from cashiers. The first time I asked if they want the cashiers to help and they replied they DO and are happy we bring our own bags. The second time I actually complained about this cashier and she was actually removed from her own lane and put on the self check lanes.

I go this weekend and when I have a lot of stuff I don't go to a self checkout because it's only me. Well, it's as if I went to a self checkout because I did all the bagging.

Then she continued to scan the following customers! I'm still bagging and I don't have all that much but more than a couple of things. Thank goodness they only had a couple of things so they just picked up and went! If not that could have mixed with my things.

If you don't want to help bag brought bags then don't continue to scan other customers.

Mar 18, 2019

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