Stewart's Shops Productscustomer convenience

R Oct 09, 2019

I was at my local Stewarts shop at 830pm on a Wednesday night after tring to find a parking shop I went in after a long day at work hoping to get something for dinner but all I found was to hot food cabinets with 3 old items that were marked 6pm so then I went to get a hot dog and that was empty as well I went over to look at the pizza a saw 3 slices of dries up mess in the cabinet the shop closes at 12 and I had to wait for a parking spot as it was there were 3 employees on and I am very disappointed in what service was offered to the customer so I left and went to the mobil station around the corner were I got fresh pizza and didn't have to wait for a parking shop I am very disappointed this is not the service I would expect to receive from Stewarts

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