Stein Martred dot clearance

W Oct 06, 2019

My friends and I shop Steinmart every week. Last week we were shopping the extra 50% off Red Dot sale as usual. I was the first to check out and the total was considerably more than I had calculated and I'm usually within a few cents of the total. I told the cashier and she told me that as of that morning they were told that not all Red Dot items are subject to the additional 50% off anymore. I told her that there was no mention of that anywhere in the emails that we had received from Steinmart or on the signs posted on the racks that stated Extra 50% off Red Dot Clearance and told her if that is the case I did not want the items and explained to the customers behind me what the new policy was and they also choose not to make their purchase. If this indeed is the case we will be thinking twice about shopping at Steinmart in the future.

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