Stein Martracially profiled

F Oct 04, 2019

On October 3rd 2019 I decided to shop while waiting to see a client .At your Camp Bowie location in Fort Worth Texas I was spoken to as I enter the store by the cashier I looked at the jewelry briefly then I proceeded to the perfume counter and noted that most of the perfume boxes had security mechanisms in place on some of the boxes you could not see the name of the perfume .I personally collect perfumes and some older perfumes that are not sold at other stores I noted to be available at this location.I proceeded to pick up a box that had a mechanical security profile on it and I moved it gently trying to see the name and it beeped and turned red, I set the Box back on the counter and proceeded to look at other perfumes .Just as I did so a young man came around the corner I didn't look at his name and he asked me if there was a specific perfume that I was wanting to see and I told him no there wasn't but because I had moved the equipment on one of the the boxes that it had beeped is that why he came over he stated they will beep.well here's one that you can see the name I said I didn't look at that one . I question him is that's why he came over to me? are you accusing me of stealing and he said no but I said that's what it appears to be I'm standing here with short sleeves pants a very small shoulder bag and my name tag hanging from my neck...I thought to myself... I'm a nurse of 48 years I'm licensed in the state of Texas I have been licensed in all 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii. why would I be coming in Stein Mart to steal perfume and inexpensive perfume on top of that. I feel like I was being racially profiled there was no apology given.I stood there and I just became very very upset and left the store. I will not ever ever step foot in the Camp Bowie store in Fort Worth at any time. I have shopped at Stein Mart stores throughout the Metroplex over the years but this is my last time shopping at a Stein Mart store. I am sorry if you've had thievery in your store .But I refuse to be your pun!! I come in being a black woman fair skin black woman on top of that dressed neatly working, come in to just spend some time browsing and I am approached as if I am a thief!! I do not feel that it was done properly there was no apology and I will never ever shop at your stores again!!! I am very disappointed and hurt!Your stores are not as popular as they once were..could this problem be the issue?So very sad!!#

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