Stater Bros Marketssecurity officer new system

He Sep 28, 2019

I have been going to this stater bros as a kid and through out all the staff change or times changing I have never felt so humiliated as well as uncomfortable shopping there on more than 2 different occasions. Now I know all stores need to keep there company up to standards. Theres a reason why this store felt a need to hire security . Now I have a problem with a young man there who stands in front hes Hispanic 24 or 25 I cant recall his name but hes the security for the parking lot and the store itself he will follow you while your shopping peep in and out of iles to where hes so close i have bumped into him. Iam 45 years old I think I can do my own shopping. I paid.for my stuff and continued to exit as I was he stopped my car with his hand and grabbed my shopping bag and said he saw something on the camera that was in my bad and I needed to surrender it or else I will get arrested he than looked in my bag there was nothing he than said dont come back to my store and took a picture of my license plate I think he should take some more classes on his job hes rude and he does this quite often speaking to my friends who shop there regularly can there be something done. Is that allowed to grab our bags

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