Stater Bros Marketscashier mariely

D Jul 22, 2019

I would like to make a complaint about a cashier cashier named Mariely. I do not know her last name but she's the only one there named mariely on a daily basis that mariely is working with a certain bagger in anywhere in the store she is a little too much playful with this certain bagger to the point it's very uncomfortable to come to the store I come to the store very often and everytime I come she is overly playful with the certain bagger I do not want to name the bagger but the playfulness is so uncomfortable I do not want to come to the store anymore until this problem is resolved it is a little bit too much flirtatious and I really am upset about it. I really do really like the store I just do not like the activity that is happening at the moment thank you for your time.

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