Starbucksglazed donut

S Oct 02, 2019

To Whom it may concern:
Me and my husband go Starbucks 4 times a week and my husband had to use the restroom very bad and David one of your employees was cleaning the restroom but my husband used the restroom even though David was cleaning and David got very uspset with my husband but my husband did not have any conversation with David this happened about a week ago.

Today 10-2-19 me and my husband came into starbucks I went to use the bathroom and shortly after my husband walked past the front desk where David was he handed him a donut before he even paid for it and my husband accepted it and continued to use the restroom and then we ordered a warm hot chocolated for my husband with wipped cream and I ordered a coffee frapachino and we left so my husband dropped me off at work at facebook.

At 3:36pm my husband texted me and said there was something was wrong with the donut maybe it was bad or something else was wwrong with the donut.

I called my husband at 5:59pm to see if he was okay he said he had diarrhea 3 times and this happened right after he ate the donut he did even make it to restroom when he reached home which probably took about 30 minutes or more to get home.

This the first time that David handed my husband a donut before we even paid.

So far my husband is okay and nothing serious happened to him.

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