Starbucksemployee grabbing me

M Mar 22, 2019 Review updated:

While waiting for my mobile order, a Starbucks employee was late and running through the door to get to his shift. While doing this, he grabbed my arm and pushed me aside so he could run through to work. I did not catch his name, he was young 20s and African American. This happened around 8 am Friday 3/22/19. I felt very violated and did not appreciate this random man touching my and basically grabbing me so he could run past me into work. I will not be going to this Starbucks again.


  • westworld Mar 22, 2019

    Be honest! He bumped into you and now you want him fired. So ridiculous!

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  • Um is not an answer! Mar 22, 2019

    You have panic attacks in NYC. 12 times a day.

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  • SubSquirrel Mar 22, 2019

    He bumped your arm but because he was black, you were frightened and mad he assaulted you. I think the police should be notified of a rude black man in New YorkCity. An APB should be broadcast immediately.

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