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Today, I had our tile and grout cleaned and sealed. First of all, I thought the price of $504. was quite high as our home isn't that large. However, they were here and I was off work so I could paint, so I decided to go ahead. I was told by the phone operator when I called to schedule, that they would move furniture. I had already moved quite a bit the night before, so they had very little to move to clean. They showed me a test spot in my kitchen and it looked good so I gave the go ahead to do the cleaning and sealing. When they came to tell me they had done pretty much the entire job and wanted to show me, I was not happy. So much of the grout still looked hazy and was not at all, what they had shown me from the test spot. They could tell I was not happy with the job so they went back and repeated a few areas. They never did move my hutch to do under it. I had to help them put chairs on my table. My bathroom floor grout looks worse now than it did before they "cleaned and sealed" it. Needless to say, I am very unhappy with the job they were paid to do. I will never recommend this company to anyonea and I would never have them come back. The quality of workmanship just isn't there for such a well known company. For what I paid, I feel like it was an awful job.


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