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On feb 28, 2007 I bought a dining room set from Stanley's furniture in Patchouge LI NY (Stanley Anchor). Firs they lied and told me it was a Stanley set, then they said something about a? Marcus set, I found out it was a cheaply made Samuel Lawerence set. When buying the set he spent 1 1/2 hrs. with me, after that they didn't want to be bothered. The set was delivered on 3/2/07, damaged, plus the delivery men dropped the hutch base in the hallway and it broke, an arm chair was missing, damaged in the warehouse I was told, the server was damaged also. The table had a cut in it, and the arms on the one delivered arm chair was so broken it could not be fixed. I made over 40 calls to no avail, finally got the owner Stanley, he was nasty and rude, so was his son Jeffrey, and a worker Peter, they hung up on me and refused for months to fix the set, finally I advised them I would call BBB, they send out another set, this was in worse condition then the first set, I found out they gave me the floor sample, the top of table felt gritty and rough as if they sanded it down, everything was broken and scratched. More calls followed for another 2 mos. Went down to the store again, and Stanley the owner, kept telling me to shut up, who cares what do I want "diamonds" I didn't spend 8,000.00 etc. I spent 4100.00... which did not matter, I didn't not buy a damaged set. He could not get me the set anymore, so I wanted my money back, he refused, he wanted me to buy a set I could not afford... I advised him I would take him to small claims court, he said "Go ahead, I know everyone in this town, you won't win", well I did take him, he didn't show the first time, his son showed the 2nd. time, just as nasty as his father... He told me he had experience with small claims court, so what does that tell you, they must do this all the time to get sued and that is why they have experience... we went back and forth to no avail..Finally, I won, I received all my money back and they had to pick up the damaged set in 10 days Also there were a few other people there suing them too... DO NOT EVER BUY FURNITURE THERE... They are NASTY, RUDE AND LIE TO THE PUBLIC...


Update by Goodgrl55
Sep 20, 2009 6:55 pm EDT

I who wrote about the damaged dining room set from Stanley's furniture store in Patchogue LI NY, sued them and they had to pay not only the whole about back to me, plus my court fees within 10 days . If they did not pay within 10 days, they had to pay me double and I could keep the broken dining room set, they were furious, I left court smiling...

After my whole family shopping in their store for over 40 yrs. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, parents, etc. I was treated very rudely and had to fight for my money back. And that guy Peter (their are 2) .. If somone spoke to his wife the way he spoke and treated me, he would be very angry. ONe day he is going to run into somone's husband's fist if he continues his disgusting manner.


Update by Goodgrl55
Apr 07, 2011 4:40 pm EDT

To those who had a good experience with Stanley's furniture in Patchouge I say this. My whole family myself included had bought furniture for over 40 yrs. in that store. This time was different, they lost many good customers with their nasty attitudes. I have them on tape, plus witnesses to their nastiness and lies. By the way, I took them to court and won every penny back.. I had pleanty of evidence. So I'm happy you had a good experience, this time I did not. And by the way, in court there were 8 people who took them to court the same day I did. so what does that tell you?

Update by Goodgrl55
Apr 07, 2011 4:44 pm EDT

PS: out of all the 49 calls I made over a few months: Stanley answered the phone and I asked, "is this stanely:"? he said no and gave me a differenth name, well one his workers, told me on the second damaged dining set, that he lied, it was him.. When you are buying and spending thousands upon thousands, they are nice, until you get damaged goods..
not many people shop there anymore.. Too many nicer stores with better goods around..


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Marie O'Neill Kravette
, US
Feb 21, 2016 7:55 am EST

I guess the person who said not to pay attention to the two complaints. Read again, there are more than two complaints, and when I took them to court, there were several other people suing them also. I won and so did they. They in Stanley's are nasty, rude and theifs, and liars. So the one person who may have had a good experience, I would not go on that. Secondly, my family/friends had bought from stanley's for over 40 yrs. they were always nasty and rude after you bought that is. while trying to get the SALE, they spend time with you and are okay, until you buy and have a problem. Practically everyone I've met who bought from them have not so many nice things to say to them. There own delivery people had complaints and told me that all the 21 calls I made Stanley was there but pretended to be someone else when I did speak with him. Him, his brother and son are the most rude, nasty crooks I've ever met. The Look on their face when I won every penny back was worth a million. They Are Disgusting...

you are all correct
Manorville, US
Mar 15, 2015 3:45 pm EDT
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I was one of the victims that worked in that store. The place is a comedy/tragedy act. They are thieves, lairs, disrespectful, nasty sorry people. Each generation gets worse Jeff is the proof. They continuously cheated me out of commissions! They are below the lows of society. Hopefully they will get theirs

, US
Feb 08, 2014 6:39 pm EST


The salesman are full of crap, they sell you the world and mark up the furniture making like they give you a deal, promise you a special order, make you wait over two weeks to make you think your getting new furniture and then they give you the floor models. Best part is they lie to you face and try to make it sound like they did me a favor assembling my new furniture that's been sitting in their store for a year. I did research and the tables have been discontinued. I sent and email requesting to Speak with the owner or manager and got no call back. I even called the store and spoke to someone that took my info and said they would have the manager call me back, that never happened neither.
DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Do your homework and buy online, your better off plus you'll save money

Mary McCarthy D'Angelis
Bellport, US
Feb 02, 2014 8:14 am EST

I took home swatches and gave a $50 deposit. All other stores lend swatches for free of course. I should have know when they made me sign a piece of paper to take them. I returned the swatches and the salespeople are "not allowed" to credit back my $50 because the father and son were at a Bar Mitzvah. They told me it HAS to go toward next purchase. There will not be a next purchase. They pretend to give off money but they don't. It is a total creepy experience. SO NOT GO THERE - The sales people are great and work in a slave environment.

Patchogue, US
Nov 26, 2013 6:38 pm EST
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Email I just sent to Stanley's furniture. I'm so glad I saw all of your comments, I was just about to call them to re-order the item!
To Whom it May Concern:
I came in two weeks ago to make a purchase of a Liberty Queen sized rolled back headboard and a mattress. Your salesperson had helped me months ago. When I came in recently, it was after searching many furniture stores for similar items. I had my heart set on the one she had shown me.
I came in and decided to make the purchase. Your salesperson made three errors during the sale:
1-she had me fill out application for financing, and asked me how much I wanted to leave as a deposit, but forgot to run my CC for the deposit. She informed me of this the following day when she contacted (on two different occasions) me to tell me about the other 2 mistakes she made.
2-Her first call was to tell me that she had misquoted the price of the bed at $100 less than what she should have. I explained that I had already gone above what I wanted to spend, and that I would look for something else. She then told me "Let me talk to the owner". I wasn't on hold more than 5 seconds when she returned to tell me "Good thing I talked to him, he told me to give it to you for the original quote". Wouldn't that have been the right thing to do -BEFORE she contacted me?
3- She had told me that because it was a platform bed, I would not need a box spring (she did not say I "might" need one as she argued later) She called me the following day to tell me she had said I "might" need a headboard, and that in fact, I did-and it would cost me an additional $125. I told her I specifically remember her telling me in fact I DID NOT need one, and she argued that she hadn't said that.
I was so excited about the decision I made to make that purchase. I was really looking forward to it. I feel that your customer service is very poor, and that I should never had been contacted-aside from the CC issue-regarding the mistakes that Robin made. She wrote up my purchase at a set price. To call a customer back and ask for more money, because of a sales-person's error, is simply in poor taste.
I have been looking ever since for a headboard that I like as much as the Liberty rolled back one I had ordered from you. I haven't been able to find anything I like as much. I was considering contacting you to ask if you would honor the original quote you gave me, until I found the following:
Stanley's Furniture - Patchogue, NY — Damaged furniture
Frankly, reading these comments scared me out of pursuing a solution with you.
It's unfortunate that you have lost yet another customer due to the lack of professionalism you show as a business. I'm really disappointed, as I am a new homeowner in Patchogue, and would have loved to made future purchases at a local business.

Lillian Kokell
, US
Sep 02, 2012 8:08 pm EDT

Purchased an AShley sofa and loveseat. Came damaged --arms loose, staple sticking out from frame and staples hanging from fabric on lower part of arm. Tip off was when it came in 3 days. I ordered this from an Ashley book. Called about damage in 20 minutes after delivery. Stanley's insists a repairman has to look at it . 3 weeks go by and repair was performed, even repairman admitted the noise of the cardboard arms was just alittle bit quieter. Arms are still loose even though he put screws in them and big staple still can be felt sticking out of frame even though he hammered the hell out of it. This is NEW furniture ? Whats up -- damaged isn't returnable? Stay away from Stanley's. Like many others I bought from them years ago when the original Stanley was still alive and it was a different experience. They want nothing to do with you when the sale is final.

Port Jefferson, US
Mar 28, 2011 6:05 pm EDT

OMG! the same story over and over again. i ordered a dining room china cabinet and buffet from American Drew and Stanley's made all the right promises until it arrived and it was damaged. the damage was in the finish with cracks apearing on the surface and doors of the buffet. the china cabinet has all cracked grills which John said could be removed by the delivery men upon arrival. they told me they do not come out and have to be ordered with out them! i have had this set since early jan and am embarrased to have company over to see what crap was delivered. To add insult to injury the delivery guys damaged the top of the china cabinet upon carrying it into the house...needless to say i am still waiting for my replacment furniture after 2 months.
now having read all of the problems i will refuse delivery if there is a hint of damage. i got such a run around and was told they would fix it or replace a door etc. this damage was visible to anyone before delivery. every call to stanley's leaves me feeling sick and helpless. they are so unprofesssional. i was told all my complaints about the damage has to go thru American drew and they have to okay the replacement.
who is responsible to check the furniture before delivery? how can it be put on the truck damaged?

u go ggirll
Lindenhurst, US
Aug 15, 2010 6:35 pm EDT

I ordered a Dining room set. I was told four to six weeks. I had to wait over a yr! When the furniture came the glass was missing. The delivery guy spent the whole time with his cell to his ear. he was havng a fence installed at home. The table had a large gash! I told them I wouldn't take delivery and return. Stanley was on the phone don't worry about it. We will take care of it. NONESENSE they tried to stick me! I called and called, was hung up on. Must have been over sixty phone calls. Finely fed up I went to the store, they called me every name in the book. Jeffrey the little nasty man told me his delivery guy put his hand through the glass and I was that mean women who only cared about my furniture:that was news to me I never heard that story before? That man is a piece of garbage do not do business with this store!

Well thank you I had put a large down payment which was too much and didn't realize until I left. I called the CC company and told them they delivered the wrong product. Now I had the furniture and the money LMAO! He kept calling my response was the same I heard from him for eight months. I'm sorry Stanley but I'm really busy can I call you right back! LMAO! He kept calling me, "you can't have the furniture and money it doesn't work like that." He delivered another table fixed my huch and kept a few 100 for my problems! So everyone do a chargeback and don't buy from this dealer! Horrible horrible experiance and I bought four rooms of expensive furniture! He lost a valued customer and he couldn't care less!

Sayville, US
Jun 06, 2010 12:05 pm EDT

Okay, so I have been shopping at Stanley's my entire life (literally - my first bedroom set was from their store). And if there is one thing that I have learned, it is that you will only have a good experience if you buy something that you have physically seen IN the store...anything they order they will try to fudge to move something they already own. So, when I go shopping, I look there first to see if if I can find something on their floor (because I insist on a 20% floor model discount). This is the ONLY way to buy there, do not attempt to have them order anything for you, and if you do not pay in full before delivery, it will be a couple extra weeks before it gets to your house. Tipping the delivery guys generously definitely helps.

Yaphank, US
May 06, 2010 11:15 am EDT
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Oh my I feel just the same as all of the customers that have complained.Cannot even believe the way I was spoken to. I have called the credit card company and they have put a hold on the payment until it gets resolved. The customer service rep called the store and spoke with Andy, and remarked how unprofessional and unwilling he was to even discuss the problem.
purchased corner cabinet from Bermex.CA. from stanleys in march...mind you the salesman John was soooooo nice when he was taking my money.The cabinet which is beautiful did not come as ordered...the bead board panel is facing the wall and not on the inside of cabinet...?are you kidding? Then all of a sudden john remembers a conversation with me that i wanted the flat panel showing...It was never a option, as i saw a pix of the cabinet(with the bead board CLEARLY on the inside) There is also a piece in the store from the same company with the BEAD BOARD showing and not facing the wall. NEVER DISCUSSED>>>>thought i would recieve as ordered from the pix...So now i am filing a complaint with the attorney generals office, and with chase card services, as now they want to send a repair man(was told that they do NOT have a repair person) to turn the panels around, after I was told by John that the manufacturer does NOT reccommend this as the holes will not line up.I was called a LIAR and told to shut up.when asked to speak to Stanley(silly me) I was laughed at and told that Stanley was 80 and he had no time for my nonesense, that was why he hired Andy. Glad i read all the complaints before i tried to call Stanley been abused enough, and I had to pay for the abuse!
So i will try my hardest to get them to do the right thing and give me what i ordered.
still cannot believe that this happened...they are such rude and LOW CLASS individuals to treat paying customers with such disrespect...very sad that they continue to abuse customers this way

, US
Apr 22, 2010 9:30 pm EDT

I'm in the same situation as all of the above. I'm in the process of trying to work out a deal on damaged furniture I received. After months of phone calls, repairs to find out the set was discontinued, I filed a complaint with the better business. I finally got a letter from Stanley stating I can selet a new set. Stay tuned!

Movin On
59 Straight Lane, US
Mar 19, 2010 9:32 pm EDT

2010 - Stay away!

Do not do business with Stanley's Furnitue in Patchogue, LI, if you don't enjoy the following:

-Being lied to about deliveries
-Being cursed at just becuase you have a question
-Being disrespected by Stanley and his son Jeff... time and time again in front of other customers
-Having to deal with the Police because of being threatned

It is just a matter of time before these people are confronted with a customer who does not walk away
and gets in their faces in a way that can lead to inappropriate problems.

vincent alvino
Coram, US
Sep 22, 2009 10:49 am EDT

bought a dinning room set from these crooks came damaged.they sent a repair ame to my house and he told me the frame was busted right in half on the hutch.the waited.3 months for a call back with 30 calls into the store.they stated the repair man should
have not told us it couldt be repaied.they still wanted to pick it up to repair it anyway.
i told them i want new payed for new not repaired.they told me see you in court ...nice people.called the compant that made the furniture and they had no record of stanley
furniture as a customer .the lady told me they probrobly bought it from a clearance house or damaged sold as is.called the finance company and will wait for a call, callind
small claims wish me luck...will set up a picket line in front of the store want ot join send email...
email to

Stand Up Customer
Holtsville, US
Aug 07, 2009 12:39 am EDT

WOW...I thought I was the ONLY ONE who had trouble with them. I ordered furniture in April of 2003 after choosing from a book, what fabric I wanted on the sectional that was in she showroom. I was promised to have that furniture in SIX weeks. I thought they were SO nice initially, until they began to give me the runaound. First, calls were not returned. Funny, how after they get their initial money, they could care less about their customers! (You won't believe this while you are in showroom, because they con you into thinking they actually CARE about you!) After numberous calls and FINALLY getting a sales rep, I was told that it was taking so long because the manufacturer was waiting on the fabric I ordered for my sectional. More phone calls...I was stalled and stalled, with Stanley's still not taking responsiblity for FORGETTING ABOUT GOOD PAYING CUSTOMERS! It is THEIR RESPONSIBILTY after an order is placed to PROVIDE WHAT THEY PROMISE, and if they CAN'T, then the customer should be getting informed PROMPTLY! THere is something VERY wrong about a paying customer having to BEG for what was promised!
SEVEN MONTHS later, I was told that the "fabric was discontinued, " and that the manufacturer did not tell them until then. Yeah, sure, I thought. How DARE they insult the public's intelligence in such a way. THEN, I was told I c0uldn't get a refund. I thought...oh, I can't? We'll see if I can't. I marched in there the next Saturday, (it was pretty busy) and parked myself on one of their couches after asking to be seen and letting them know I was obviously upset. The sales reps just let me wait there. I was even more angry at this point for being IGNORED after having waited for SO LONG. Finally, after about 30 minutes, I got loud. "Excuse me, I yelled. Will SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A REFUND ON THE FUNITURE THAT WAS PROMISED, PAID FOR, BUT NEVER DELIVERED?" Heads turned, including those of other potential customers. One sales rep. asked a female sales rep to help me, because, at that point, he knew he wasn't dealing with a wallflower of a woman.
The woman looked at my receipt, as I told her the runaound I had gotten. She, too, suggested I "pick something else out." I then got LOUD again, "Do you SERIOUSLY THINK I WILL EVER TRUST THIS COMPANY AGAIN AFTER WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH? I HAD TO CANCEL THANKSGIVING BECAUSE I DON"T HAVE THE COUCH I NEEDED FOR GUESTS THAT I ORDERED IN APRIL! She then went off to the side and spoke to Mr. Stanley. As she was away, I seemingly talked to myself, KNOWING other potential customers were listening (and Mr. Stanley knew it too, by this time). I kept repeating...I believed I'd get my furniture in six weeks and it's been SEVEN MONTHS! (Because I KNEW these new customers were being as blidesided as I was.) As more and more people looked at me I said, "Don't believe what these crooks are telling you, or you'll wind up like me...sitting on the FLOOR without your couch, or chairs, or whatever!" Amazingly, the crooks came out from their hiding place and GAVE ME A FULL REFUND. As I walked out, I said, "Good luck, people. You're going to need it, if you intend on buying ANYTHING here!" And I left. I never looked back. I actually got a nicer sectional at Jennifer converitble, and it was delivered without damages ON TIME--BEFORE the date they predicted! I just can't believe they are STILL in business! It just sickens me to read all these bad reviews, knowing that!
By the way, I am about to purchase a diningroom set from Bare Boards in Bohemia. All solid wood, and I have a friend who ordered from them and there was NO PROBLEM whatsoever. Oh, yeah, and the delivery is FREE on any purchase over 500.00! Stanley's was charging an arm an a leg to deliver to the NEXT TOWN OVER. What a crock of crap this company is!

, US
May 15, 2009 12:43 pm EDT
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Don't shop STANLEY"S of PATCHOGUE...I added that nice comment above well guess what not anymore! Their Ignorance and arrogance is just as ugly as some of their furniture.

I agree with all the complaints! They are rude, belligerent beasts. The son Jeff was supposed to meet at my house at 2p to give a courtesy visit on Tuesday May 12th) and go over the delivery because the furniture I wanted to purchase was on the larger side. Instead of him coming to the house he had 2 delivery men drop off furniture at 9am with my babysitter home that morning. (When it was supposed to be a meeting at 2p that afternoon) (Mind you the furniture was not to be delivered as per previous conversation I had in person the prior Saturday May 9th) with John and Stanley) a note that was attached to my bill that was apparently missing that had made this request after 2p). When I questioned Jeff directly in person he said he was to busy to be at my home, As a courtesy and business owner I would expect a phone call not just dumping furniture in my home no less, in pieces non assembled and blocking doorways/ and blocking my bathroom. The furniture they delivered was also discolored and damaged, significant cracks, the mirror did not even match the dresser...Mind you this furniture was not even supposed to delivered) ...(until our meeting after 2pm)

I left a small deposit to hold the furniture the week prior, (I expressed to the owner that I could not accept the furniture in this condition that they had left for me, I asked for a new set, they told me that was the last one.) After several calls of going back and fourth with the owner and the salesman of no avail. I went in to the store I told the salesman I still want to make the purchase if I could get a new set of that style. (Mind you they were in the store I was being lied to on the phone that they were not in)

(I asked to view the new set, I was told no, and then told by the owner there were none left, pick out something else- HE yelled at his worker to get me the customer under control and deal with me he wanted nothing to do with me) (Of course he already had my down payment/ Hold Money and got to pick up his furniture that morning) May 14th)

Then the son Jeff chimed in and well they were screaming words/ and phrases that I cannot repeat...not even at me but the employees at each other the screaming continued amongst themselves, I just watched…Them yell at each other, who is blaming who, … (And they call them selves professionals?)

After I was told I was going to be offered a credit (that I never got), or able to select new furniture instead I was pushed rudely out of the store and it ended with them yelling at me and calling the police on me to get out of the store... (This is a situation of non deliverable goods and not wanting to give me a credit or even a store credit, they are in the business to take your money and not deliver goods.)

The owners Stanley and his son were rude to the worker (John) and continued yelling "get your customer under control, get her out of the store" show her other furniture... I again asked for my credit, tried to explain again, that the furniture they delivered was not even the one I looked at in the store, and again was not to be delivered, just held until the courtesy visit was complete with the son Jeff .

It also ended with another women employee yelling and screaming that nothing would be done for me just get out! "They will not do anything for you" they all ganged up on me like a heard of animals and then proceeded to call the police! And told me to take them to court for my money! Any one in there right mind knows that any good business would accommodate a returning buyer who in the past 2 years has spent a shy 10k on furniture.

(I had to call them three times just to remove the furniture out of my house that should of never even been left their to begin with) (When they came to pick up the furniture they sent Jeff the son, My husband was home and said he was very rude to him.)

I do have photos of the Damaged goods, I went to rooms unlimited on 112 after the episode showed them the picture, they verified that it was not only discolored but they were trying to sell me an American crafters set that was mismatched as the pieces (mirror and dresser) were not a match ...The mirror was creamy orange and the base dresser was white.. (Rooms unlimited had the same furniture in stock and were a perfect matching set). (Also 5 sets in stock, where Stanley’s told me it was discontinued and it could not be found anywhere!

At this time IM taking a break from furniture shopping, I loved the set, I will make my purchase when IM ready not when some Man Stanley is telling me I have to pick out something else at that moment, if I want my credit back, Pay in full for something else... or go to court, it s easier for them to spend time and court?.. No Thank you!

(I hope Everyone knows in small claims court if you don’t get paid just file a lean on the business, it will all catch up to them someday...)

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt/ NO MORE!

, US
Feb 21, 2009 6:11 pm EST

We also had a bad experience with Stanley's furniture in Patchogue. Their customer service is practically non-existent. Customer service consists of only one person (P.J.)and he is only available limited hours Mon thru Friday and no one is available on the weekends. How do you run a furniture store and offer such limited access to customer service? The owner, Mr. Stanley refuses to take any phone calls.
When we had a problem with an entertainment unit that we purchased they finally ended up suggesting that we call the manufacturer ourselves, who they said was being uncooperative with Stanley's. When I did call the manufacturer they were very helpful, and sent us replacements for the damaged shelves right away. I think the problem was with Stanley's, not the manufacturer as they claimed. I have told everyone I know, not to shop here!

Oct 23, 2008 4:09 pm EDT

We know how beligerent the owner and his son can be. Our experience with service/repairs was like something out of a sitcom. Some of the things said to us would be expected from Kramers' Soup Nazi. I swear it was like talking to Archie Bunker! We made a huge purchase from them, several different pieces and invoices. The salesman (John) was great. For the most part all went well, but when one of the pieces came in damaged, dealing with the owner and is son was a nightmare. The damage was not noticed until it had been uncrated. Unfortunately, the money had already changed hands. Attempts to get it repaired were pointless. Horribly sloppy job, shoe polish would have looked better.

Like when buying a car, the salespeople have no input with the service guys. Kudos to our salesman for trying to help, but he works for an unethical bunch. Unfortunately, he (owners)who controls the purse strings controls everyone and everything in their domain. Phone calls not returned, attitudes need major adjustments, absolutely no people skills. How they stay in business is beyond us!

After weeks and weeks of visits to the store, endless phone calls, unfounded accusations and just plain bad business my husband parked himself in the showroom on a Saturday afternoon until the owners realized he wasn't going away. Eventually, after alot more haggling, we caved. Realizing we weren't going to get water from a stone - we accepted their measily offer to compensate. Truly not worth the time, effort or trouble. We paid a professional to refinish the damaged piece.

The other furniture looks great, has held up well and was a good value. Bottom line...don't give them their money until you are absolutely certain all is good with your purchase. Our mistake was thinking a neighborhood icon would stand behind their business. With them, its' only about the money. Satisfaction, quality and honesty are not part of their work ethic.

Margaret Quinn
Oct 15, 2008 11:37 am EDT

I bought a 'Stanley' bedroom set from Stanley's in Patchogue in 2006. My experience with them was quite different. I had looked around in several dealers, was in NC showrooms and on line. They were helpfull had all kinds of catalogues and the sample on the floor. The price was better than all others. I ordered it, it came when promised, was set up in the house and was in perfect condition. I am thinking of going back for a living room set now.

Sep 25, 2008 11:28 am EDT

I think you can not go by the two comments posted, I am a village resident and have been shopping at Stanley's for years. The sales associates are wonderful and will work with you and for you with your interior designs, they are helpful with layout, colors in both fabrics and paints. The prices are competitive and fair. The warehouse store is a bargain! Always great finds. I bought various pieces for different rooms of my home as well..And presently Im ordering my Rowe sectional from Stanley's in PATCHOGUE!

cynthia rodriguez
Aug 06, 2007 4:07 pm EDT

I just came from Stanley's Furniture place in Patchogue, N.Y. On 5/28/07, my husband and I left a deposit for a bedroom set. I left 1, 412. Since, then they have been giving us the run a round. They told us that since our furniture was "Special order" that we had to wait until they ship it to them and then they bring to us. Guess what? It has been 4 mos. Since, then we have spoken to the rep. (John) and Stanley himself they both said that the shipment would not take longer than 4 to 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks, we called and they said sometime in August. I called them again and requested to cancel the bedroom set order and that I would buy a dining room set from them or a mattress if which ever was needed most first. My husband and I went into the store today in order to order a mattress. A sales rep took care of us and when we were ready to order she told us that Stanley would not be able to help us out that the sales rep. John would. My husband and I got into an argument and left the store. Up until this point, I have not put anything in writing. I definitely will after reading your comment. This just confirms that they are not Furniture dealers just Furniture Stealers!

Thank you for your comments and please forward any other comments. They will be appreciated highly.

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