SSMF Inc / Shutter System Manufacturing of FloridaDisorganized and unprofessional hurricane shutters company


After researching and calling several hurricane shutters companies which were loaded with orders (in the post-Katrina Florida) and giving us 2 to 9 months waiting period for installation of hurricane shutters, we were finally relieved to find a company that apparently was big enough to manufacture their own shutters and deliver them in until 6 weeks after obtaining the permit in the city of Aventura, where we live. In July/2006 we contracted the SSMF (Shutter System Manufacturing of Florida) and were happy for having our hurricane shutters installed in 2-3 months, still in the hurricane season.

Well,after signing up, our nightmare begun. In spite of being constantly trying to keep in contact with the company, our calls were almost never returned and the chaos seemed to have taken that company,since we hardly were able to talk to the same person twice. Eight months later we are still waiting for the installation! We had people from the company remeasuring our windows twice due to the data they sent to my city wasn't properly done and should have been updated.

In the city of Aventura (where me and my husband have been several times) we were informed that the SSMF was supposed to send reports made by an engineer and they didn't have one (which was confirmed in conversation with one of the owners) and while they don't send, we can't have the permit. Already tired of the situation and after consulting the Better Business Bureau report, we got surprised for the other 38 complaints against that company in the last year (they weren't there when we first consulted the BBB before contracting SSMF!!), many of them regarding delivery issues. I tried , then, to contact one of the owners to try to get a refund so I could be able to hire another company (more recommended).

She told me that she didn't have the sum (about 4,100 ) in her bank account at the moment and that she would be compromising herself personally to have my shutters installed in 4- 6 weeks from that day (03/02/07) and she would be sending a letter by fax to my husband's office describing our agreement. Well... The letter wasn't sent and after spending the whole day today on the phone trying to reach the office, nobody picks up the calls!!!

I'm afraid not to see any shutters or my money back, then... What to do??... Here I leave my complaint, suggesting that NO ONE that wants to have his shutters installed in peace hire this company for the job!!!

PS: The most amazing is that they keep advertising online in many website as if they are excelling in professionalism (What a joke!).


  • Ja
    Jack Gardener Mar 22, 2007

    SSMF Inc - Shutter System Manufacturing of Florida are thieves. They collect downpayments and act like they want to do the job. They issue huge salaries and than they go bankrupt. It’s called fraud. They did this with 8 owners in my building.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 02, 2007

    I completely agree with the above. SSMF should be avoided at all costs. They are hucksters, liars and jerks of the highest order. I have NEVER been given the run-around so hard as I have been by these guys. Do you like waiting nearly a year for your shutters to get installed (wait... they STILL haven't been installed!!)Do you like having to constantly chase down a belligerent and transient staff who like saying things like "your order should be next" or my personal favorite "we'll call you back". SSMF has had my large down payment for nearly a year now. No end in sight... I'm one step away from calling the news and a small claims lawyer.

    PLEASE... if you have had a bad experience with SSMF, leave a comment or post about it. These people should not be in business.

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  • Vw
    VW Apr 04, 2007

    I have had the same experience with SSMF, I have waiting almost 1 year for my hurricane shutters. I have had repeat promises from the so called operations and office managers. Now I am only getting a voice mail when I call. No replies to my message.

    What a group of thieves? They have preyed on all of us. There was never a hesitation to take the downpayment but to there is the run around to delivery the shutters. I have had to deal with the worse customer service ever.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 04, 2007


    I just saw your post on the complaints board. GOOD. Keep it up. I too have been calling the past few days as I was instructed by a "Megan" to call back at that time and SURELY they'd be ready to install my shutters.

    Here is what I can tell you:

    -There has been voicemail for three days. I'm hoping it's a Passover thing.

    -I called one of the "free estimate" phone numbers to see what was going on. I spoke to a gentleman who didn't work there anymore, but was owed money by them. He told me that if I wanted, he'd talk to the owner "AVI" for me. "AVI??" I said, "the alleged new owner, Steve, told me that Avi was deported to Israel". The installer was like "uhhhhh..what??"

    -I noticed that SSMF posted on a Miami Job board 6 days ago for a new receptionist and project manager.

    -I live in Sunrise, so I decided to drive to the building on Monday. The building WAS locked up and no one was inside, BUT there WAS signs of doesn't look like it was "out of business". There were desks, chairs, lots of personal effects at the desks like pictures, posters etc....even people's jackets on their chairs. It just looked like any office would look after hours. Didn't look like people were packing up or preparing to get shut down.

    -I asked a maintenance man who was sweeping up in the parking lot if he knew anything about SSMF. He said NO, but that I should go to the leasing office of the building and ask them.

    -I went to the leasing office and spoke to someone who told me that SSMF had in fact closed the lease on ONE of their offices (5011 Hiatus Blvd). She did tell me that they were still using the larger warehouse space of 5025 Hiatus (this is the one I saw and looked into). She and I both imagined the were consolidating office space to save money.

    So, there you have it...I did SOME sleuthing. This is my current take on the situation:

    -We aren't being "maliciously" ripped-off, but we have made the mistake of giving lots of money to a company that can't keep it's head above water.

    -I believe the owners (whoever they are) have temporarily closed up shop while they regroup and hire new people. (I'm assuming everyone has quit).

    I'm being optimistic I know, and while I've talked to these people and dislike their practices, I don't think they are scam artists... I just think they are incompetent idiots who are over their head and have no clue on how to handle things.

    Please write me... I'm trying to compile and SSMF "list" of people... so far I've been in contact with one other. It would be great if we could all communicate ANY progress or info!

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  • Mo
    Monica Apr 08, 2007

    I haven't had this happen BUT I do know my parents were ripped off by a shutter company about a year ago.

    Here is my recommendation. You need to contact the state and report this before it gets worse. To be honest, I suspect everyone here has lost their money and at this point - just go for the jugular and try and get them thrown into jail before they cause more problems.

    I would start by contacting the local business licensing bureau and ask them for the state number to report fraud.

    By the way, if you've waited a year - it's fraud! The state will start an investigation and will find out what is happening.

    You can also tell both the local better business bureau and the local licensing office that you want to place a complaint. I'd recommend finding out if they are really licensed.

    Here are two web sites that will help start the healing process by hopefully sending these crooks to jail:

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 09, 2007

    I'm already filing a formal complaint with the state contractor's licensing board. I will post all links soon.

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  • Ja
    James Ignoffo Apr 10, 2007

    I'm in the same boat as you all. I'd like to keep up on the happenings you find out.

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  • Ro
    Roxy Odom Apr 10, 2007

    I have written all of you on your personal e-mails. My family has the exact same story that the rest of you have written about. We gave them $7,000.00 last July 3, 2006.

    I dont have to repeat what has transpired since then since you all have posted our exact experience.

    I just last week sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau and the Blue Book who advertises this sham of a company.

    Would love to hear from any of you on what else we can do. From what I can tell, they are still out and about and taking money from others.

    Has anyone noticed when you call their number the voice mail answers with a new name. It sounds like

    So they are operating under a different name I think...

    Please call or write
    210 698-0958

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 12, 2007

    SSFM is back open: 954 748 7995

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  • Ma
    Mary Crhisty Apr 12, 2007

    Did anybody think about contacting the news?

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  • Da
    David Apr 12, 2007

    Hello everyone!

    We signed up in July 2006 and gave SSMF $ 3,000. Our story is identical to all those above. In reply to our complaint, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation indicated that they forwarded the matter to the appropriate regional office so that an investigation may be conducted. They ended their reply by stating that the disciplinary action which the division and the Boards may take is prescribed by statute and is limited in nature.

    They added that we may wish to also address our complaint in a civil court of appropriate jurisdiction. We have not heard yet from the Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We live far away from southern Florida. Perhaps a Florida lawyer might be interested in initiating a group action? Perhaps someone living year round in Florida might know such a lawyer?

    I read above that there are 38 complaints only at the BBB. So there may be out there at least 50 victims. Perhaps as a group we could get a legal action moving without risking crippling legal fees? Would anyone living year round in Florida comment on this idea?

    Many thanks.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 23, 2007

    Anyone taking this company to small claims court will need this info:

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  • Be
    Benjamin Baffer Apr 24, 2007

    Wow, I don't know if reading all of these accounts makes me feel better or worse. Unfortunately, I am another victim of SSMF, to the tune of $12,277.00. Same story. They happily took my deposit, and then nothing. Same experience with voice mails, different people, run-around, etc. I have made several visits to their offices in Sunrise and I understand that there is now new ownership. Unfortunately, the company has no money to buy materials since our deposits left with the old ownership. When I can find a live body to talk to, they continue to insist that will be installing my shutters, and like everyone else, we are "next on the list" for installation. These are criminal offenses, and I was referred by the state DBPR to contact BSO and file a criminal complaint. I suppose someone could end up going to jail for this, but that won't help us get our deposits back or get our shutters installed.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 24, 2007

    Sorry Benjamin-

    New ownership, same lies.

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  • Bk
    BKB Apr 24, 2007

    There is nothing stopping the new owners from filing bankruptcy. Have they installed anything recently? It seems to me they are just getting their ducks in a row before they close the doors for good.

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  • Da
    David Apr 25, 2007

    I believe it is important to file a criminal complaint, even if we never get our money back or shutters installed. If those responsible for this get away with it, we may bump into them in the future, hiding under a different company name. Those who close enough to do it, please submit a criminal complaint. Many thanks.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 25, 2007


    Submitting a criminal complaint isn't a matter of being "close". If you have a telephone and an internet connection, you can do the same thing I could do living 5 minutes away from SSMF. Don't take the attitude that because you are far away you are helpless.

    Contact these people and file a complaint:

    Then call the State Attorney General of Florida and DO THE SAME.

    Once you have done that, file a criminal complaint against the holder of SSMF's contractor license (you will get this from the DBPR)

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  • Da
    David Apr 25, 2007

    Kennith: Thanks for the info. I will proceed as you advised right away. Hope others will do same.

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  • Bk
    BKB Apr 25, 2007

    Fran Greene has been telling customers to go after Avi Bouman... this doesn't make any sense to me, as Avi was fired by Fran Greene several weeks ago and has nothing to do with SSMF, Inc. The truth is Avi sold his shares soon after Fran and William Greene bought the company in December. Since January Fran has been doing a lot of fraudulent things, like floating bad checks between bank accounts! She makes MANY promises to customers saying she will refund their deposits, then when the time comes to give the customer their check, there's no money in the bank! Fran is telling everyone that it's Avi's fault, but everything that has happened recently falls on her. The proof is there... her signature is on every check that has bounced (payroll, refunds, even payments to suppliers!) There were no bounced checks before she took over. She is a liar and a fraud! She doesn't care if she has to close the company, she's filed for bankruptcy before (at least that's what she said).

    Yes, there are criminal things happening in SSMF, Inc and it ALL points to William and Fran Greene!

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 26, 2007

    There is no one to point to except the current owners and the holder of ssmf's contractor license. End of story.

    Regardless of whether fran greene's check bounce or not, she has taken over the company and by virtue of that, she has taken over our contracts. Period!!!

    I contacted the state attorney general's office yesterday and advise you all to do the same after you have filed a formal complaint with the dbpr.


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  • Da
    David Apr 26, 2007

    As I have mentioned in my first posting, DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) has already replied to my complaint and has sent a local specialist to investigate SSMF, Inc. I have called the Attorney General's office today, as well. It would help if other victims of this company would do the same. Many thanks.

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  • Mi
    Mike Apr 27, 2007

    Thanks David... I've done all of the above!

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  • Da
    David Apr 28, 2007

    As requested by one of you, I am posting the contact info for the Fort Lauderdale office of the AG, the Economic Crimes section:

    Voice: 954-712-4600
    Fax: 954-712-4706

    For Florida government agencies,
    SunCom Voice: 420-4600
    For Florida government agencies,
    SunCom Fax: 420-4706

    Mailing Address

    Economic Crimes Division
    Office of the Attorney General
    110 SE 6th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-5000


    AutoNation Tower
    110 SE 6th Street- 9th Floor


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  • Mi
    Mike May 01, 2007

    Anyone have updates?

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  • Da
    David May 02, 2007

    The AG office, after sending me a couple of times from one phone number to the other, explained to me that because the issue raised may have to do with economic crime, the next step would be to call the local police, as they are the ones who submit the data to the AG. They asked me where SSMF, Inc are located. I told them they are located in Sunrise. Then they gave me the Sunrise local police number: 954 746 3548. I dialed that number and I got an answering machine prompting me to mention the case number and something else. I will call again today, hoping to speak with someone in person.

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  • Be
    Benjamin Baffer May 02, 2007

    Don't waste your time with the Sunrise Police. Despite what the statute says, the Police consider this a to be a civil matter and will not do anything. No wonder south florida is a such a haven for criminals. No one seems to be interested in enforcing the laws of the state. I have been bounced around from one agency to another all over the state, and literally everyone I talk to seems to be able to find a reason why they cannot do anything for me. I'm still waiting for BSO to return my calls, but I don't expect much from them, either. In other words, we're screwed.

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  • An
    Ana Paula May 04, 2007

    Please read this article in miami herald about SSMF inc

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  • Br
    Bryan Hernandez May 04, 2007

    Everybody here thinks they know so much but the reality is you guys have know idea what happened. This is not the fault of me or any employee, salesperson in the company. What happened in SSMF inc is the result of one mans greed. A man who has runaway and left a world of trouble behind. I read you writing about people being owners that are not and never where owners. Like it or not myself and all the employees and sales staff are also victims of the same man. Myself or any employee of ssmf never signed checks, had access in anyway to the bank accounts of ssmf. Myself and people like Rose, Natalie, Moe, Etai, David and others have fought very hard for our customers but unfortunately its those who own the company and control the money that prevent us from doing anything. Most of us are in financial trouble ourselves if we kept your money we would have plenty of money but we weren't the ones who took your money. Sales people never got paid there commission on 90% of the jobs they sold. You need to get your facts straight and your energy towards the right person.

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  • Mi
    Mike May 04, 2007


    Give me a BREAK.

    I mean really.

    Do you think one person in the entire mess has had the NERVE, CLASS, or CONSIDERATION to explain themselves once?? Are you clowns too broke and ripped-off to pick up a phone and explain to every single person what the hell is going on??

    Thanks for your actually falls in line with EVERYTHING ANYONE AFFILIATED with SSMF has ever done: DISTANCE THEMSELVES AND BLAME SOMEONE ELSE.

    It's too late Bryan... your lack of action and complacency in this matter makes you just as guilty as people you are trying to pin this on. All these great people you mention like Rose, Natalie, Moe etc etc never called me. Never cared, never returned calls, never had the nerve to tell me what was going on.

    I seriously look forward to all you clowns getting shut down.

    Why are you on the internet right now?? You've got a list of people who have been ripped off to the tune of THOUSANDS who you should be calling and explaining yourself to. Right now, there are what? At least 30 (that I know of) FORMAL complaints being filed with YOUR contractor license number on it.

    This is way beyond ### on a message board now Bryan. The victims are getting organized and starting to take decisive action in NUMBERS.

    Thanks for stopping by and pointing your finger at someone else. We could just call SSMF for that....

    Nothing has changed. Same lies. Same SHADY PEOPLE.

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  • An
    Anabel Gomez May 05, 2007

    Dear Mr. Bryan Hernandez,

    You are saying this is not your fault. However, it is your license that was used to defraud people. Did it not occur to you that something was wrong when permits expired? I got a letter when my permit expired... I'm sure you got one also since you are the licensed contractor for SSMF INC. To be honest, the least I expected was an apology. WE ARE THE VICTIMS, NOT YOU. Our money was stolen and as a result, we may spend one of the worst hurricane seasons anticipated without any protection for our homes or our lives. I think Florida should have tougher laws for this type of crime which endangers the lives of its law abiding citizens and their families. We have our money in good faith. We are all on the 'next to be installed" list according to SSMF INC salespersons. Now I realize SSMF INC was only trying to postpone the inevitable, lawsuits and complaints to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
    In the end, Mr. Hernandez, you should be trying to help us instead of excusing yourself. I'm curious, you state you fought very hard for your customers, how is that? All I got was three different promises for installation IN WRITING VIA E-MAIL, December 2006, February 2007, and finally on April 2007. Nothing ever materialized. I checked my permit two days ago on 5/3/07 and it is still expired with no further action taken by SSMF INC. I would have terminated the contract on February 1st, 2007 if I had known better. The point is SSMF INC took my deposit more than 10 months ago on 6/20/06 after having other customers on a waiting list for more than six months (just read the posts)! And you are telling me you had no idea of what was happening... Perhaps you didn't want to know. Now, you have to face the fact you lent your license to defraud many homeowners.

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  • Ab
    AB May 08, 2007

    Most of you already know who I am! I am the person that started SSMF, Inc. 3 ½ years ago. Please be patient and read this thru since these are the real facts about the Company. First of all you all deserve an apology and here it is: “I Avi Bouman Apologize on behalf of SSMF, Inc. for any pain, suffering and financial loss you may have incurred during your business with SSMF, Inc. and it employees”
    Even tough I am the person that has suffered and will suffer more than anyone else in this instance (I will explain) I am not employed or own any shares in SSMF, Inc. Without the few friends that I still have I would not be able to even feed my two young children (I assume that you don’t care about me and I understand) I have personally signed personal guarantees for over a million dollars in order to try and complete the jobs that we have taken upon ourselves. I put my life on the line worked 20 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week and still came out on the short end of the stick. As soon as Francine and William Greene showed up in the company it was the beginning of the end! Francine Green lied and deceived everyone in her way (hiding behind a head injury that she had suffered and expecting millions in lawsuits) she mislead clients, employees, sales people, contractors, she falsified documents, she is a real monster and she is trying to blame me and everyone else.

    I understand your anger and frustration, but I swear to you all in my KIDS life, that we really tried and had all of the intentions to complete the jobs we have taken upon ourselves until my last day there. The employees in the company Steve Rubin, Bryan Hernandez, the sales staff the engineers and the customer service representatives had all of the best intentions and I have to inform you that they all really meant well and did not lie when they made promises, it is just that there were errors made, many times the errors did not occur because of the office, and sometimes we made errors that cost the company money that we could not recover from. That’s why I signed for the line of credits in order to try and recover all of the mistakes that we made along the way. Many of us will be paying for this for the rest of our lives. Bryan is probably going to lose his license, and he really had the best intentions. I am going to lose my house and my car, I will probably never recover from the million dollar plus debt that I incurred, While Francine Green whose a millionaire opens other companies under her maiden name “ Stainless Steel & Metal of South Florida, Inc.” and tries to hide and transfer monies without even knowing the difference between a screw and a bolt.

    I know that you are all looking for some one to blame and rightfully so, don’t look any farther it is really not to direct responsibility of any of the dedicated people that stayed and tried to recover and get the jobs done for all of you. (This is the truth and the sad reality of the picture) None of the employees including myself never tried to defraud anyone, the promises were real, the people really worked very hard to get our work done, but we failed due to a series of industry and financial problems. Before Francine Green and William Greene showed up, no one! not Rose, Alex, Steve, Bryan or any of the sales people ever made promises we did not believe we could have achieved.

    Within hours of me signing my last personal guarantee on behalf of SSMF Inc. from Wachovia Bank for half a million dollars Francine and William Greene fired me. With absolutely no knowledge of the Industry at all she takes all of the money out of the bank and lets me go as I surrendered my stocks to a friend of her family to bring more finances to the company. I wish I had the money to fight them and bring them down and possibly have some of my debts reduced since the corporation and the people I personally committed to will never see the money if she controls it. I will help the authorities and anyone else to bring them down!

    In conclusion, I do take some of the responsibility for the errors that were made during my time as the manager and president of SSMF, Inc. and I apologize on the behalf of the staff that has acted immature at times (mostly because of stress) but nothing was done in order to defraud or take money from anyone without work being rendered. Since the Greene Family came in things have changed, and I cannot identify everything that has been going on since that point, but there is NOTHING GOOD!

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  • Ro
    Rosie Zingarella May 15, 2007

    My mother has also been cheated by SSMF. They took her deposit in July 2006 and told her they had to wait for the permit. The permit was finally issued on December 9, 2006. That is when I began to call to get an install date. I was told that they were very backed up and that July contracts were scheduled for May. I then began calling in March for updates. Usually, I just got voice mail with no return calls. Twice I did get to talk to a Vicky and she again told me the install date was in May.

    Last week, my husband went to the offices to ask for our deposit back after I called the City of Pompano and found out that the permit was still sitting there waiting to be picked up. He found nothing, just other customers with the same terrible problem.

    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General and will now file a complaint with the construction industry licensing board. Please let me know if there are any other actions I need to take.

    Thank you.

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  • Ra
    Ralf Gawel Jun 14, 2007

    After hearing years of complaints about shutter companies I was very very cautious to actually use a local Miami Dade Shutter company until I bit the bullet and purchased shutters from CSSI Shutters in Miami and they installed them within 14 days. That is to say there are good guys out there that deliver. I used the Better Business Bureau to locate them.

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  • Ma
    Marlene Starr Jul 03, 2007

    Last June 2006, we also gave a deposit to SSMF in the amount of $2934.46, along with approximately 100 other homeowners in my condo. They sent someone to measure, and told us that installation would begin within 8 - 10 weeks. Now over a year later we have received nothing.

    In February 2007, Avi Bouman, Fran Greene and several other associates of SSMF called a meeting with the irate homeowners of our building, promising us delivery and setting up a schedule for installation. Like all of the others, that was the last we heard from them.

    We have personally gone to their location and found the place vacant and one of the doors displayed an eviction notice, dated in May. They are nothing but scam artists and thieves and we would like to be involved with all others interested in a class action suit. We will do anything possible to see these people in jail. It will not get our money back, but at least justice would be served.

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  • Su
    Susan Manrodt Jul 09, 2007

    Please add my name to the list of complaints against SSMF, I filed a complaint with BBB and with the state of FL DBPR. I would still like to get my money back. I would be interested in joining in with any others who intend to pursue this.

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  • Ba
    Barry C. Junnier Jul 12, 2007

    Could not agree more with the above complaints. Add another victim to the list.

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  • Ae
    Aelita Neihausen Jul 24, 2007

    On May 6, 2006 Ami Zer, a salesman for SSMF signed five contracts on behalf of Avi Bouman - for my entire Family including 4 Holocust survivors who live on fixed income. Over hundreds of calls and I kept all records - promises, lies, promises and lies over and over. First it was shortage of steel, then vacation time, then rain season, then the partners are fighting, then new management, then a guy will come to re-measure, then permits expired, then, we lost your contract, finally you will be installed in40 to 60 days. Well it has been 14 months and NOTHING!

    Avi Bouman never answered any of my letters, or my calls. How come? I read your apology, what kind of mistakes Are you talking about? Mistakes of keeping to solicited new contracts, taking 50% deposits knowingly you can not deliver the goods? Is this the way to do business? Why not taking the responsibility yourself?

    Steve Rubin, why promise if you cannot deliver. How many times you promised looking right into my eyes and you knew all along what you were saying was not realistic.

    The stress, agony and frustration which you caused me, my Family and hundreds of innocent victims - who will answer for this?

    What about a class action? Count me in!

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  • Ae
    Aelita Neihausen Jul 24, 2007

    Just an addition to the previous complain - we lost $10,860.

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  • Re
    Regina Montgomery Jul 25, 2007

    Please add my name to the list of complaints against SSMF, I filed a complaint with BBB with the state of FL DBPR, and Pembroke Pines PD. I also would be interested in joining in with any others who intend to pursue this.

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  • Lc
    LC Jul 30, 2007

    Dear Susan:

    Like you, I am a victim of the unethical and criminal practices of SSMF, Inc and its aliases Shutter Systems Manufacturing of FL, etc. Please be advised that several of us victims have opted to file individual "Small Claims Court" lawsuits against Bouman and the Greenes.

    We all wanted to go the class action lawsuit route, but the logistics of organizing and funding the attorneys became overwhelming. Filing individually was relatively easy and inexpensive.

    Several victims have formed a Yahoo Group which provides important information on how to file small claims lawsuit and allows you to add your information to a database which you can then print and present to the authorities or any of your complaints.



    You will find a lot of helpful information including how to file the Small Claims Lawsuit, addresses of the officers and directors of the company, etc.

    5 . BECOME A MEMBER. Follow the detailed instructions, just a 3 step process).

    6. PLEASE, PLEASE: After you become a member , click on "Database" (to the left).

    7. Click again on the "SSMF Inc. Yahoo Group Victim Database". to OPEN IT.

    You will see names, phone numbers, email addresses and deposit amounts "stolen" by SSMF.

    8. Click on "ADD RECORD" and include your information.

    You can then print the database and include it with your lawsuit or your complaints to law enforcement and others.

    Best regards.

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