SSMF Inc.Horrible company!


April 27, 2006, after calling numerous hurricane shutter companies I found SSMF. They came out were very nice followed up calling and came out twice to measure before the contract was signed. I was told 12 weeks for installation and here I sit 1 year later with no hurricane shutters and getting no where with the company. They don't return phone calls. I have been hung up on when I have asked for my money back. I have filled a complaint with the BBB. and Building and Profes. Reg (state). I drove down there last week to come face to face with them and of course they were closed for the long weekend( Jewish Holiday). I did however find someone in the main office of SSMF. He told me they were trying to split from the hurricane part of the business and he had nothing to do with it and couldn't help me. Interesting enough though the President is the same for both companies... Fran Green. My next step will be small claims court. Please no one else get tangled up with this horrible company. I also came across an elderly lady the same day when I was down there who was in the same situation.


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    Mike Apr 12, 2007

    They have changed their name to something like Stainless Steel Manufacturers of Florida (to know doubt avoid all the hell they are catching at the BBB and online) and are back open... call these rip-off artists.

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    Lee Crandall Apr 18, 2007

    I ordered shutters from this company in August 2006 and was promised shutters before the start of the 2007 hurricane season. When I called in December I was told that they were installing in order of earliest first and were just installing shutters ordered in April 2006. When I called in March I was told exactly the same thing. Apparently very few shutters have been installed in the past 3 months and I'm told that there are literally hundreds ahead of me. I am considering a lawsuit against them to recover my deposit.

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    Mike Apr 19, 2007


    Nothing they tell you can be counted on. It's one lie after another. Best of luck and post your story here.

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    Mike Apr 23, 2007

    Anyone taking this company to small claims court will need this info:

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    Det. Estelle Abrams Apr 23, 2007

    If any construction company takes your money and does no work and orders/delivers no product, you do not need to necessarily "sue" them. These incidents may often be prosecuted as Grad Theft, if permits are not obtained and work is not done in a timely matter. Please also make any complaint on contractors to the Florida DBPR at (850) 487-1395.

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    Maria Cuervo May 02, 2007

    SSMF, Inc. also poses as Shutter System Manufacturing of Florida, Inc., as Stainless Steel & Metal of Florida, Inc. and most recently has apparently "morphed into" Stainless Steel & Metal of South Florida Inc. website:

    I entered into a contract with them NINE (9) months ago. Gave them a deposit exceeding $6,000. To date, they have not EVEN applied for permits. Calls to the company go mostly unanswered, or if they are answered, the story changes continuously. I have filed complaints with the BBB and have discovered there are MANY complaints against the company. I have also reported them to Channel 10 news and was informed there were many complaints.



    Avi Bouman (Coral Springs) President
    William and Francine Greene (Coral Springs) CEO & VP respectively
    (you can go to to see the filings. You can get the individual's mailing addresses by searching Broward County's Tax Assesso'rs office

    Bryan M. Hernandez CGC1509038
    (Go to and file a complaint online. Find the contractor by name, it will provide you with his information and then click the "File a Complaint" link on the left.


    Broward County Consumer Affairs Division 115 S. Andrews Ave. Room A460, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 Ph: 954-357-5350



    SUE IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT / Phone: 954-831-5622

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  • Le
    Lee Gilheany May 12, 2007

    Retained SSMF in May,06. Work is not complete, failed 2 inspections, damaged home and property, sliding doors leak - paid $21,000 - have abandoned work - don't answer phone calls or letters from my attorney.

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    tim May 13, 2007

    I need my glass fixed too, that too bad

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    David Bull Jun 12, 2007

    This company are nothing but con artists.

    They change their name every twelve months and move offices...


    Stainless steel Manufacturers of florida and alias of Shutter systems of Florida.

    How can a company, in a modern country like the United States, steal in broad daylight and get away with it - I have cases open with the BBB, who really do not do anything, and the Business Professional Regulation who are a little more helpful.

    the punchline being that in Florida the consumer has no real rights and the conman contractors can run rampant.

    Dave Bull

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    Kenneth Nov 06, 2007

    Hello everyone. This is my first time here and have not read everything on the board. I worked for SSMF for about 2 years and i went to work for two companies that were spawned after SSMFs downfall. I was the Design Engineer for all three companies and knew all the owners on a personal and professional level. Me and other employees were screwed over by them along with the extensive amount of customers that were unfairly swindled. For quite sometime i believed that the owners tried their best to make things right but i was wrong. A vast amount of information came to me during these transition periods and i am ashamed to even say that i worked for those companies, but i feel even worse for the hundreds of customers that are suffering to. Myself and other employees are still owed quite a large sum of money for work were performed. Me and a group of others that have key information are in the process of trying to get some of those funds that are owed to us. I am on the verge of being bankrupt because of the owner still owing me 3.5 weeks worth of pay. I urge all of you to continue forward with your fight against the owners and against the the companies they had a part in after SSMF went down. Myself and another co-worker are thinking of putting all the information up on e-bay (any takers?) Dont believe most of the things written on here from others saying that the owners are blameless. One of the major people saying that are relatives of the owners. I wish all of you the best of luck, and if i have any takers for the e-bay bids feel free to contact me.

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