Sprintdeceived into signing phone leases!


I am a Sprint customer for the past seven (7) plus years. Last month when my most recent two (2) year contract with Sprint ran out, I tried to purchase three (3) new phones in a Sprint store that were advertised online at a promotional price. (I have proof of this promotion). When the Sprint representative started to activate the phones, the prices did not show up as the online promotional price. So he called Sprint customer support and the phone support personal mentioned that the promotional price is only for online customers and not valid in the store. So I refused to get the phones and mentioned to the phone support person. He then told me that if I get three new phones on a lease contract, then Sprint will give me a loyalty discount of $10 per line per month. So I accepted and leased the three new Iphones on a lease contract. My first bill came and there was no loyalty discount on it, so I contacted Sprint and I was told by a representative that loyalty discount takes 1 to 2 billing cycles. (I have proof of this chat with the representative). Then the second bill came without the loyalty discount so I contacted Sprint again and now they told me that the loyalty discount is not compatible with the plan that I have. I talked to the supervisor and then the manager online and they are refusing to give me the loyalty discount. I believe Sprint deceptively made me sign up for a lease contract and now reneging on the loyalty discount.


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    knewki Feb 04, 2016

    The loyalty credits are compatible with the legacy plans. As long as you didn't change your plan to the newer plans you should get your $10 credit per leased device. Legacy plans include the data share 1500 or the unlimited my way. Hopefully I was able to help.

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