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Good day

I went to your sportscene shop today at shop no 15 Park Central and I was assisted by the lady called Mpumi
She didn't ask me about the point card and when I told her that I have point card she told me that she already
Put her name, meaning she's taking my points for herself, to my understanding that is wrong /fraud ‘ how can she benefits on my shopping
Your respond will be highly appreciated
My Name is Sibongile
Contact No : [protected]/ [protected]

Thank you
Sibongile - unethical behaviour

on the 21st of December 2019 i was @ spotscene orange farm mall to exchange the pants that were damaged, when i got there i spoke to a guy who works there that im here to exchange the pants and he...

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I bought Nike sneakers for my toddler on the online TFG website on the 19th December paid and got confirmation that my order was received and was getting prepared. On the 23rd December I get am email saying my order was canceled due to low stock so the money reserved for the order will be reversed back in my credit/debt account. It's 2020 and no funds have been refunded back to me, when I call the online center they tell me the bank is the one responsible and when I call my bank they say they can't help and don't know such so am annoyed because now I want my R1000 back and the shop says they can't do anything and the bank says they can't do anything so I don't know who to reach out to for my refund - threats from workers at the store

I kindley made a layby on the 11th of November 2019 A month passed and I decided to cancel the layby for some reasons.On the 15 the store was closed for some unforeseen circumstances I suppose, the...

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I am not the person to lay complaints but the service I just received from bridge city sportscene was the worst ever I will never buy from them ever again, The first problem the store manager (Deb...

Read full review - nike air force 1

Hi. I bought Nike air Force and it was damaged, like it was worn, my mistake was trusting too much n not double checking my goods before I left de store. So wen I returned it and explained de...

Read full review - left clothing plastics in the store

i went to purchase clothes for the kids on the 05 October 2019 at the store, after paying for the purchase R6069.30. We took the clothes but the other clothing plastic was left at the store. I...

Read full review - online team

I purchased a the Nike Air men's blue/yellow top on the 31 October 2019 only to be advised via via that the order has been canceled. Upon me calling the online support team I was told by one of the agents that when my order reached the warehouse the item was damaged. My question is who's fault is that because it resulted me having to re order the item. I would've loved to receive a call to confirm the above as the email is automated. I will never ever purchase from sportscene again!!! I suggest sportscene improves on providing a bit more information other than the email I received. - slippers

A friend who has an account with your shops bought me some Nike Size 5 slippers as a gift to myself. But unfortunately they do not fit me, they are small. I went back with them to the shop to...

Read full review - cellphone

A sales assist, named Lulu and his colleague, from Sportscene Megacity - gave me a very rude attitude when we came to query about the cellphone we purchase because it was giving us issue since we...

Read full review - service

Date: 15 September 2019
Place : mall of Africa
Time : 18:15 - 18:45

A sales assist, named Kwezi, from Mall of Africa - gave me a very rude attitude and refused to assist when I wanted to enquirer about a product.
He didn't even show any remorse when the lady at the till called to apologize- instead he started making remarks as he walked away.

To top it off, when I walked out of the shop - he was still on the same trajectory. I don't believe rude salespersons are required at the shop as they actually deter potential spenders to complete their transactions.

May this matter/ individual be dealt with please.

Complainant: Rirhandzu ([protected]) - management

Its the second time Ive been in this newly revamped store and overheard the manager reprimanding staff infront of customers. This is totaly unprofessional behaviour. Do they not have a office where...

Read full review - redbat jeans

I purchased a redbat jeans 3 months ago and found d after a few washes it started to fray. I have not had this problem with any of my other pairs of redbat jeans. I am very disappointed with the quality on this jean.
I would really appreciate cooperation from you guys. I have purchased from sportscene gateway and dont have my purchase receipt. I always support this brand.
[protected] - I am complaining about poor service if your going to open account

I applied sportscene account online then later on I submitted my documents via email and whatsapp . What is annoying is that they keeping sending messages that emphasize that I must submit my...

Read full review - accounts & unknown subscription

I have account with Sportscene in which I made full payment on the first of March 2019 in Accornhoek Mall, in Mpumanga, Bushbuckridge . After making full payment,   I have not purchased anything.  I was surprised to receive SMSs and Telephone calls,   from your employees requesting that I should pay the due amount owed. I have explained to them for number of times that I have not purchased anything ever since i paid the Account in full,   however they keep on calling.

I have tried to unsubscribe for Magazine that i was told that i subscribed and i need to pay for. When making a full payment in march I signed a form in Accornhoek Mall Sportscene store,   which the Cashier explained to me that after signing it,   the Magazine will be unsubscribed.

After all the attempts i made to unsubscribe and/or terminate the Account Agreement in order to avoid the to pay for debts that i dont know,   i didn't suceed. It's very unfair for me to pay for things i don't kno,   especially when i paid in full and did not purchase anything. I feel like this does not goes in line with the Credit Agreement Act and Consumer Protection Rights Act. 

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - nike 270

I am so dissatisfied in youre policies regarding youre warranty for Nike sneakers. I like buying quality clothing. I expect a pair of Nikes to last me 2-3 years. I purchased a pair of 270 Nike 1st November 2018.June month I noticed that im walking uncomfortable not knowing the buble burst. I have been up and down to various stores not getting any help. I was advised to return to the store where I purchased. To my disgrace this one guy told me I can use a bicycle pump and just pump the bubble up back. That being said are you then not 1 of the most quality product stores how the hell can this happen. I am so disgraced and I am going to the papers with this because who the hell tells a customer that. I feel like closeing my account also. I still have a pair of flux that I bought 2016 and is still in a good condition. At the moment my expectation for Nike has dropped as well as Sportscene.

Good day Valued Customer

Please forward us your contact details and the name of the branch you purchased the sneakers at so that we may escalate this matter to the relevant department for urgent assistance.

You may forward the requested information to [email protected]

Kind regards
The TFG Team - bad/poor service

I went to table bay mall in cape town saturday 22 june to buy a jordan sneaker. Problem was, the guy that was helping me couldnt scan the box that has that sneaker apparenlty the sneaker was in a...

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Hi, I purchased a pair of Air Max 720, I used the sneakers 3 times, after using the sneakers I was experiencing pain on my left Toe, it is very uncomfortable. Please advise me. I own 5 pairs of Nikes and never did I experience anything of this sort. I paid R2999.00 for the sneakers, surely I should be happy with the product, this is my first complaint regarding a Nike sneaker. Hope to hear from you soonest.
Kind regards,
Mr Ashlyn Pillay - converse product

Good day, I bought converse sneakers last September and about a month I noticed that every time I wear the with secret socks the always come out with a bit of dust. I noticed there's a hole right...

Read full review - service - unprofessional behaviour

Hi I would like to lay a formal complaint about the Floor assistance in Gateway store I Nompumelelo Mkhize came to the store this morning 25/01/2019 around about 11 clock was looking for a...

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