J Nov 29, 2018

Hello after pumping gas at the Speedway located at 1879 Old Country Rd, Riverhead, NY 11901, Monday, November 26 at 4 PM, I entered the store to use the restroom. After walking around the store looking for a bathroom I approached the counter and asked the women at the register "is there is a bathroom inside or no?." She replied in a very rude, confrontational, and sarcastic manner, also in front of other customers: "well if you ask Ill tell you that there's one outside now here is the Key."
After returning from the bathroom and approaching the counter to return the key the same lady at the register said " I wasn't being sarcastic when I made that comment." I replied, originally I asked you if there's a bathroom in general and you confronted me claiming that I didn't ask you, it's sounded sarcastic in very rude." She then blew up and got confrontational aagain and said "OK just give me the key". At that point I asked her for an apology or I will contact the district manager. She replied "no" then got very loud and confrontational and told me twice to get the [censored] out of the store in front of customers embarrassing me again. She took it to a whole other level and snapped with an attitude not once but twice and On both occasions I was very calm when confronting her with her attitude, until the very end when I left the store. That particular location I'll never go in again however I'll just use the one down the road instead but of course in my opinion I think she should be fired. I didn't read her name on the badge, it was approximately 4 PM at that giving date. She appears to be in her 50s a black woman. Not only was her attitude and her approach wrong but she looks very unappealing, dirty. Overall she doesn't look good for that store. Thanks!

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