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South African Broadcasting Corporation

South African Broadcasting Corporation review: TV License

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SABC's website requirers users to enter a land line number to be able to register for a TV license. I tried to fill out their contact form to inquire about this, but it doesn't work. I then e-mailed but go no response. Then I called and the person I talked to told me this was a known problem. When I then told her that was not OK because it is nearly impossible to buy a TV in SA without having a TV license, she just told me "good bye" and hung up.

TV sellers need to be able to sell TVs without being required by law to check for a TV license, as long as SABC shows they are not capable of actually offering TV licenses. Consumers need to be able to buy TVs without having to prove they own a TV license.

Desired outcome: I can apply for a TV license online without needing to have a land line.Contact form on their website works.They answer their e-mails.Contact centre personnel don't hang up on clients asking difficult questions.

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