Sorbet Wonderparkre: service received at sorbet wonderpark

N Oct 11, 2019

I booked for a gelish treatment for my hands and feet at the above Pretoria branch on the 11/10/2019.
Was booked for 15h00, but delayed due to the number of patients I had to consult in my medical practice.
Called to apologize and informed them that I would be 20min late.
When I got there, Georgina, the lady who was supposed to attend to me, was not there. There were two other ladies who were doing nothing.
They even had time to speak to a young gentleman who was selling perfume to them. He seemed to be their good friend.
They started calling her on her cellphone and could not find her.
She was then located using her friend's phone. They informed her that her client was waiting for her.
It took her 10 minutes for her to arrive. Her own collegues were wondering where she was.
On her arrival, she offered no apology. She asked me to sit on her station for my treatment. I had to jump over a towel that was left on the floor.She then asked me to choose a preferred nail polish, still having not sat down to introduce herself to me. The nail polish on the colour wheel chart was so chipped. It was really unprofessional.They need to buy a clean new one.
She left me seated there alone for another 12min .
I then decided to leave. That kind of service was definitely not what I was willing to spend my time and money on.
I was really disappointed because I thought I was going to relax and spoil my hands and feet.
It was a real waste of my time.
I am a client of Sorbet.Will always be, just not this branch.
It needs monitoring to acertain proper maintenance of Sorbet standards.
Not all branches are such a disaster.

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