Sonic Drive-Intook way too long and messed it up

La Sep 12, 2019

Well first of all I ordered two extra long Philly chz stk and large tots. I waited for more than 15 mins before I pushed the call button to inquire about what was taking so long. After the initial greeting, after I stated my complaint, was discontinued from the call without any answer to my inquiry. Finally, after another 4-5 mins, someone came out to bring me my food, an it was WRONG. Instead of 2 Philly sandwiches I only got 1. So I had to wait for another 6-8 mins before someone finally brought my other sandwich. So of course my other food was cold by the time I got my whole order.
Then to top it all off, they really skimpped me on the sandwich. So very, very disappointed with the service lately with this Sonic, mainly n the evening times when it's only the young children working.

Sonic Drive-In

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