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My Family and I went to Sonic for Burgers and Tots. 8-27-19 7:15pm .
We ordered 5 burger and tots and we were given 4. No big deal I just pushed the button and asked for the missing burger and tot. The girl said are you sure its not in your bag and I said No. The girl comes out with out a burger and tot and stares me down saying the burger and tot should be in the bag. Excuse me I told you it wasn't in the bag. She turns around goes inside with all employees looking out the window laughing. She comes out with a bag with the burger and tots and a recipe and said ok it will be $$$. Wait a minute I told you I didn't get my burger and tots from the previous order. She turns back around With the Bag and says ok . She goes back inside talks with the manager while everyone is looking out the windows laughing and smirking. While this is all happening my wife is sitting in the passenger seat upset and really not wanting to eat with out me having anything to eat. My youngest daughter is in the back seat in tears saying Dad are you going to get to eat you can have mine. She is 7, my Son 12 my other daughter 15 all in the back seat asking Why does she still have your Food in her hand waving it around just over there talking. I was very upset, but held it in I didn't want that to ruin our movie night. We decided to make a quick stop for burgers and tots just before our movie. Finally the girl came out with my burger and tots and said here you go my manager said to just give this to you. Really I paid for that . I asked for my receipts because I never received a receipt for my original order. She goes back in and brings my recipe so I ask her will you please write the managers name on it. She turns around goes back in and out comes the manager Amber. Amber says is there a problem can I help . I said yes and you should already know . She said well we made your order and I know you got 5 burgers and 5 tots. Really your going to help me by telling me your right and I'm wrong. If I'm sitting here with out a burger to eat then no there was only 4 not 5. Amber then says are you sure. At this point I asked her to just get away . Really need better training in management and employees.

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  •   Aug 29, 2019

    “She comes out with a bag with the burger and tots and a recipe and said ok it will be $$$” so the recipe for a burger and the tots is $$$?

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