Sonic Drive-Incustomer service

Mk Sep 20, 2019

After placing my order at sonic I patiently waited at my car. When the carhop arrived she did not say hello, read back my order, nothing. Just hid behind the stall handing me my drink and food. Before I could look up from setting my drink in the car cupholder she had disappeared, no chance was given to thank her. This is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I worked as a carhop when I was younger, and a carhop should alway at least greet the buying customers. This Sonic wasn't even busy (maybe 4 cars ), otherwise I would have been understanding to a point. It was about 10:15 in the morning.
This happened yesterday September 19th. The carhops name was Tessa. (Name was provided by sonic when "carhop Tessa is on their way" appeared on the screen.

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