Sonic Drive-Inchilli cheese coney onion rings double cheeseburger chilli cheese fries

Vi Sep 15, 2019

Around 8:30 me and my girlfriend went to sonic and ordered something to eat. The way the food was brought out was horrible chilli cheese fries and chilli cheese coney were upside down in the bag with no care at all. The chilli cheese coney was cold bread was hard, onion rings were not freshly cooked hard and cold. The double cheeseburger was cold and tasted horrible and the chilli cheese fries were cold and tasted horrible. I stay five minutes away from this fast food resturaunt there is no way me and my girlfriends food should've been cold at all. Me and my girlfriend tried to eat the food but just ended up throwing it away because it tasted so bad. Me and my girlfriend have never been to sonic in this location during night shift. I understand they could be busy but giving customers cold and old food is not the answer . I worked in fast food for 10 years so I know how it goes from shift to shift and its different workers managers, but the food that is served to customers should be prepared properly even if the customer has to wait on their food. Atleast the food is properly prepared and fresh.

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