Sonic Drive-Inwait times

M Oct 06, 2019

I go to this location at 8:05 pm on 10/5/2019. I parked at the far left menu board at walkway by the store. The menu board had problems with the speakers so I moved to a different board. I placed my order at 8:10pm.
At 8:58 pm I pushed the button and when answered I asked if my order was close to being delivered to me.
I received my order at 9:15 pm. I went home which is 3 minutes away and found that all the food was cold and the burgers were all soggy.
The order was 31.00 and I was given the meal for free for my long wait but seeing how cold the food was the wait was not even worth it.
We threw the food away and ended up making something at home instead.
I have tried every fast food establishment in Kyle and have had issues with each and every one of them from giving us some else's order to leaving out parts of our order.
How hard can it be to read a screen when the order is right in front of you.
I am not hard to please. Just give me what I ask and pay for and I am happy.
I have been to this Sonic a few times and consider that location to be the exception when it came to service compared to the other places I have been to and now I go through this.
Out of 480 reviews on Google your score is a 3.5. On Yelp you have 30 reviews and a score of 1.5. Your facebook review score is 2.4 out of 20 reviews.
This is terrible. I own a business here in Kyle and have a score of 5.0 because we have a a total customer satisfaction program I put in place.
Offering a free meal to get someone to come back in my book is a waste of time. Work on the issues at hand. Identify the problem and take care of it. Then put a plan in place so the problem does not repeat itself.
Is this location short staffed to keep payroll cost down, are people taking too much time off, are there equipment issues, are there communication breakdowns.
Get the issues fixed and people will come back and tell others about it or leave it as it is now and people will not return and tell others about it.
Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement you can ask for. I do not market because people know what to expect when they come to my facility.
I will not go out of my way to tell others about my experience at this location but if asked I will tell them I have no comment and they can interpret that in any way they see fit.
I may go back some time in the distant future but for now I think I will stay away. The whole experience at that location was a total waste of my time.

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