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I went to the Sonic last night at 915 PM and parked in the drive in order space. The first thing I notice was how busy and crowded the restaurant was with about ten to fifteen
male teen ages sitting around on the outdoor tables. Most were hanging out smoking drinking and a few were eating. There was about twenty to twenty five cars on the parking lot with people ordering and eating. When I went to place my order, I was repeatedly told that " It was too late and they could not take my order". I sat on the parking lot and watched as other black customers placed orders and received food. Although several service personal went by I was repeatedly ignored. Since I was the only white male, sober with money in my pocket, on the parking lot and the only person being refused service. The only conclusion I could reach is this is a NO WHITE MALES SERVED restaurant. This is not the first time that I have been refused service at this location but in fact the fourth. always being told we just closed, or the fryer is broke, the shake machine is being cleaned, ect... ect... any thing i ordered could not be fixed.There is no resolution for me too this as I will never spend another penny at your restaurant.Your only hope for fixing this gang infested racist restaurant is a complete replacement of all employees or closure. If this is how SONIC wants to do business and treat customers so be it and good riddance. MY money will be down the road .


  • SubSquirrel Sep 01, 2019

    Racism in Alabama. Whoda thunk it?¿

    If service is so bad, why do you keep returning only to be denied service? I think you look at black people there rudely and they won’t serve you because of your attitude.

    “Gang infested racist restaurant” shows your prejudice loud and clear. Black teens hanging out and eating at a restaurant are gang members. Wow. You win the prize for most prejudiced racist person to post here.

    If you aren’t being served, good. Go elsewhere and your five-dollars-a-week order won’t bankrupt them when they lose it. Buddy, people like you are responsible for the prominent racism in Alabama. Teens eating with friends, listening to music and being behaved is gang-related because they’re black.

    People like you should move to Nebraska or Utah for lily-white neighborhoods and special treatment for being white b

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