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J Aug 25, 2019 Review updated:

I'm 15 years old I am mature and independent and I was looking at that location they are understaffed they don't have that many staff and so I applied I apply for CarHop and I also apply for crew member it took a week then I did an interview at the interview when I told her my age she said I couldn't do it I have to talk with the corporate so I'm talking with you guys now and I hope that you guys could allow at least just to 15 year olds to work at their location or just me a lot of people are quitting from that location and she's in need of staff hope you guys get back with me as soon as possible I'm Jaden Alexander I am a 15 year old kid teenager


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      Aug 25, 2019

    This isn't the Sonic website. You would need to contact HR directly.

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  •   Aug 25, 2019

    You’re a “fifteen year old kid teenager” but what is the minimum age for work in your state? This isn’t the Sonic website and you need to clean up your punctuation, spelling and grammar skills to apply.

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  •   Aug 26, 2019

    Holy God. I have second graders fresh off the boat with neither parent speaking English who write better than this!

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