Sonic Drive-Infoot long philly cheesesteak

M Aug 29, 2019 Review updated:

They Barely put any meat in it and put the cheese all clumped up in just the middle I'm Allergic to onions and ask them to take them off and add a little more cheese bc I got one a 6 " a couple of days ago and it didn't have much cheese so that's why I ask for extra cheese on the foot long one and to get one that doesn't even look good is not okay with me

foot long philly cheesesteak


  • SubSquirrel Aug 29, 2019

    Onions are a dollar per pound. Cheese is four dollars per pound.

    You expect more cheese because you didn’t have onions.

    Did you fail mathematics in school?

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  • Um is not an answer! Aug 30, 2019

    why do you even bother with a dish that has onions if you are allergic to them???

    like deathly allergic??? epi pen allergic?????? dude, you trying to get a place to kill you? that way you can not only sue them but also GOFUNDME???

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 31, 2019

    That’s cheese in the middle? Sonic isn’t around here and I’m glad after seeing that sandwich with no mayo, veggies or much meat.

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