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SolowStole my money!

I was on myspace, the Cheers app, and there was an offer for cheers dollars if you complete certain offers, no purchase necessary. So, i completed one, and it asked for my cell number. i put it in, and immediately i recieved about 12 texts and it charged my phone 9.99. Right away, i replied STOP to cancel the service, and emailed the company asking for a refund, and a cancellation. They soon replied back, apologizing, and was told someone would contact me shortly. Well, that was 3 weeks ago, and still no answer. Then today, i receive another text with the same thing, and was charged 9.99 again! I am irate! I called, emailed, and replied to their text to stop sending my phone these stupid texts, and to refund my funds!! Also, i did some research, and found many other people with similar problems with this company!!


  • Wi
    William Robert Howe 3rd Jun 15, 2016

    My names William Robert Howe the third and today i had gotten a text stating that i had subscribed to this site ", " but i have never heard of it until i got the text, when i opened the text it said that i had subscribed 20 days before and that they were taking $9.99 off my phone.i don't even know what the site is for, nor do i want to know what its for.all i was want is to get the money put back on my account and for them not to text me or try to take money off my account ever again.thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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  • Ma
    Marauder Dec 21, 2010

    i found these charges as well 3 months worth went to alltel store and they told me i had to text back the numer with the word stop. i did and no responce. did some reseach and found that for verizon tmobile nextel and alltel users must text "STOP" to 23687 and for at&t virgin and sprint u text "STOP" to 65555. i found this info at under the terms of service section 4 termination. i tryed the phone number on the website and only got a machine left my mesage and then found this web site with the [protected] number i proceded to call this number 3 times first 2 got machine on the 3rd i got francise a real person so just keep calling u will get through. i told him i needed a refund for the unexplained charges and then i gave him the number in question and address for the refund check and no i am to wait 3 weeks for the check to arive in the mail. we will see. hope this helps others out and remember to never give out ur number online with out knowing what the site is all about.

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  • Ja
    Jana28 Dec 17, 2010

    Dear lord its 2 in the morning and I've been asleep since 8pm I did not go online yesterday and have not signed up nor opted into anything online in months and i get woken up by 4 texts from them. How did they get my number? Am I going to be billed for something I clearly did not sign up for? I replied Stop and received the response posted by TG1974 which I can only assume is part of their scam to get you to go to their website and enter your information somehow verifying an account you DO NOT have and BAM money gone.
    How in the world would they have gotten my information in the first place?

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  • Ps
    PsychoLady Jul 23, 2010

    Thank you Bubba777111! I had blocked all texts through Verizon, so that had stopped the notifications from SoLow. But I had to release the block for other reasons, and the notifications began again. Thanks to your providing of the number, I was able to call SoLow and cancel their "service."
    My 14-yr-old is pleased to know that a lot of adults got tricked into this service. I was definitely giving him a hard time about it before I read this discussion board.

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  • Ab
    abr100 Jun 04, 2010

    I was charged $9.99 by Verizon for almost 4 months for Premium Messaging. I thought it was for SMS. Talked to VZW cust. service and they credited for 2 months. I asked to block premium messaging for my lines. VZW asked me to send STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE to solow SMS # (23687) and wait for confirmation. As per TG1974, Bubba777111, Chris.G, .. i called the solow 877 # and they said they will refund and i will get the check in 3 weeks. Hopefully they will send the check

    Thanks guys... :)

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  • Jo
    Jolee217 Jun 01, 2010

    Called the number above, and told them I did not authorize the charges, and that I wanted a full refund. They agreed and said they'd send me a check in 3 weeks. Done.

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  • Ch
    Chris.G Mar 26, 2010

    You can send an email to [email protected] and Solow will cancel your account, and will likelyrefund your money.
    Like another user suggested you can call [protected] and a rep will help you. If you get voicemail be sure to leave the mobile phone number in question so Solow can cancel/refund you.

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  • Wa
    waterbugx Mar 25, 2010

    Those IQ that on Facebook..

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  • Al
    alacran88 Mar 25, 2010

    aparently i was beign charged 9.99 for three month for a subcription service i supposely had subscribed.i think it may have been on facebook when i answered a survey and did the mistake of subscribing to this service. i have no idea whatthis service does but i was paying for it anyways. it wasnt until i called my cel phone provider when they gave me the details...they told me to reply them to 23687 the word stop asap to avoid more charges...after that i ask to block content such as this an this wont happen again...only the fre subscription such as myspace mobile or facebook stuuf like that any other ones that come with a fee will be bloked...activate this service with ur cellphone company to avoid such nscams...


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  • Da
    daniellegannon Feb 07, 2010

    ive won probably around 700$ in money from this website and i dont have the premium account. theres an option on teh website saying to stop text messages. i dont know what you are all talking about ive had this since 2017

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  • Ma
    marilyn jaryno Feb 03, 2010

    receiving Premium TXT Messaging, do not want this sent to me.

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  • Ae
    aescheylus Jan 15, 2010

    Hey, Bubba... write back if you actually get a check... inquiring minds want to know.


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  • Bu
    Bubba777111 Jan 07, 2010

    I may be able to help you all get your money back. My wife and I went through the same thing just this very week. When you call your carrier to ask them what the "premium text message" is, they will tell you that they can only direct you to the website of the "program" that you signed up for. Well, as we all know, that "program" is not a legitimate service that you signed up for, and it is offered by Well, if you go to their site, and look all over, they only offer email communication, or a single phone number. When you call this number, you choose your carrier and are directed straight to voicemail. I left an EXTREMELY angry message informing them that they had 24 hours to respond, offering me a full refund, or I would:

    1. Contact the State Attourney General.
    2. File a fraud charge with the FCC through Verizon and
    3. Retain an attourney and take them to small claims court.

    They promptly contacted me back and offered me a full refund, as well as the secret, unpublished number that you can call to actually speak to a real person...


    Again, that gets you to a line where you can SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON!!! Simply choose your carrier, then press ZERO to speak to a real person. The woman that answered with me told me that she would only be able to give me back $9.99, rather than the full $29.97, which I believe is just part of the "script" that the call center representatives read. I told her that was unacceptable, and that they would be issuing me a full refund immediately. She put me on hold for about 2 minutes, then came back on and took down all of my information to mail me a check for the complete amount: $29.97. I hope that this helps you all, and PLEASE, spread the actual customer service number around as much as you can so that we can overload their call center and force them to hire more people, thus making this business practice no longer profitable.

    Thank you!

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  • Li
    Lilacsnmay Dec 01, 2009

    Text: 48000 and type Cancel. This is what Verizon told me to do to get them to stop charging me. I'll find out if it works. I did get a text back from them saying they were sorry to see me go. I'd better not have been charged for that text!!! I've been charged monthly since March 2017. It's December 2017. Shame on me for not looking closer at my billing statements. They've taken $100 from me. I too am unemployed like many others and this is the last thing I needed right now.
    I just sent them an e-mail at the following address which was also given to me by Verizon: [email protected]
    I've told them I want my money refunded. I will go ahead now and file reports with the BBB, FCC and the FTC. How do they sleep at night? Wow. They've ripped off so many people it appears. I did not sign up for anything either. I don't go on MySpace or FaceBook. I have no idea how this happened.
    Best of luck to everyone in getting your money back. I'll post back if I do get lucky enough to get anything out of them. I am not holding my breath though.

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  • Be
    beenthere Nov 24, 2009

    I think if you go to and block the SMS messages this will work. We had gone out of our way to block them, and we got a notification of the block. Maybe some more informed will comment.

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  • Go
    goldsburied Oct 31, 2009

    I just had it happen to me too. Little advice from Verizon, the rep told me its a 'double opt in' deal. They are tricky, the first time you enter your phone number, they tell you there's an error and go back and re-enter to get your info. DON'T DO IT! That's your second 'request' and then you're screwed and will experience all of the above that people have commented on.

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  • Kw
    Kwickham Sep 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ive been charge 9.99 + tax for something, just dont know what!!! I want my money back!!!

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  • Tx
    TXNCO Sep 17, 2009

    I kept forwarding my emails to them requesting a refund and finally got it. I kept this up over a period of several months and finally got my refunds. And surprisingly, the checks did not bounce...

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  • Si
    sickOFscams91 Sep 16, 2009

    UGHHHH! I got one today and it took all my money, with the quickness.. Im broke as it is! this is just the last thing I need it was 23687 as well.. serriously, get a job.. no need to steal from the less fortunate :( I dont plan to call them back though b/c I highly doubt Im gonna get my money back.. but my best advise for everyone else this has happened to.. just have them blocked..

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  • Lo
    longh33 Sep 06, 2009

    I typed in my number to pass the survey on a website to watch at UFC video... then i recieve 4 different text from 4 different companies *(which are all probably from the same scam artest in their private house) saying that I registered with all of them for 9.99$??? now i probably owe 40 dollars now. And they said they were going to refund me my money in the mail, which i highly HIGHLY doubt they will do. I AM PISSSED! these people are SCAMMMERSS. THEY DESERVE TO BE PUT IN JAIL OR DEAD for all i know. I requested to speak to their manager, who sounds like the same lady from all three companies and I can hear dogs in the back ground. it sounds like they are doing this ### from their home. WE NEED TO PRESS CHARGES. they cant get away with this. Atleast im going to ### at them about how bad their life must suck to scam innocent people for Hundreds of thousands of dollars all together. DONT be mistaken for their nice customer service attitude. they are CRIMINALS. And they get away with this because no one wants to pursue going to court over 9.99$. WHERE are the lawyers on the internet when i need them to read this... *COMPANIES include - Solow, FunMobile,,** PLEASE HELP. WE NEED TO BRING THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!!

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  • Sp
    Spirit13d Aug 15, 2009

    The same thing happened to me via Facebook. Someone sent me a IQ quiz. When I finished the quiz I was asked for my cell phone. To unsubscribe I did everything I was supposed to but this did not work. These are REAL criminals we are dealing with. Today a Verizon representative refunded my money and blocked the SoLow number. Previously, nothing I did worked (e.g. STOP 2; "STOP" to 23687. What I have lost is valuable time to work on more important projects. Their name warns us So Low. They are indeed the ### of the earth.

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  • Tg
    TG1974 Aug 11, 2009

    Same thing just happened to me. My Verizon bill was $10 higher than usual. When I called Verizon, they explained the situation. I do not remember signing up for Solow. I am typically a very careful consumer. They must have tricked me somehow. SO unethical! Also, I never received a single email from them that I can recall. On occasion I have received very odd emails (2 or 3 about six months ago) and each time I responded STOP and/or asked to be removed from the list. Haven't gotten even a single unsolicited text in the past two months.

    Someone needs to file a class action suit to bring an end to SoLow's shady business practices. I suspect Solow may be an offshore company.

    Anyway, Verizon was nice enough to refund one month of SoLow's charges. They blocked their number and advised me to immediately text "STOP" to 23687 and I got the following automatic response from Solow: "Solow: Ur not subscribed Reply GAMES, then txt the prize name &guess, example: Cash 42.Visit or [protected] 4HELP or reply STOP 2 cancel.$9.99/mo". WTF does this mean?! I replied "STOP 2" and they replied with the same aforementioned text.

    Perhaps if enough people complain and the big three wireless loose enough money, Solow will be stopped. But in order to get the millions of dollars back that were stolen from unsuspecting consumers, a class action suit will need to be filed. And if Solow files for bankruptcy, then the wireless providers are next in line - they need to protect their customers from such erroneous charges. If they are aware of these unethical business practices, then they too have some legal responsibility.

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  • Ad
    adrianne moss Aug 05, 2009

    I read the story of a gentleman, who had the same experience as me. He has his story posted also.I'm unemployed and looking for a job, on what seemed to be a valid website and apparently it was hacked by soLow. They obtain information for me, that I thought I was giving for employment purposes. Then it started, the constant texting--WHAT THE...I had no idea what happened! MOST OF soLow E-MAIL ADDRESSES ARE INVALID AND THEIR PHONE NUMBERS ONLY AUTOMATONS. At&t said that they will try and monitor my account. In the end, I would be held responsible for any charges accumulate. I would then to dispute with soLow. I will be a fight with no contact infomation.

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  • An
    Annieb59 Jun 26, 2009

    There should be some place we can go to report companies like SoLow. The same thing happened to me except I never received any text messages, only the charges on my account.

    After the first one, I emailed them and they said they would cancel nothing about refunding my money.They told me to just ignore any text messages I received - which were/are none. I sent them another email requesting the email and now I found they are still on my cell phone bill.

    We have to find either an agency or some type of "WatchDog" where people can report these scams and ruin the reputation of these companies.

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  • Tx
    TXNCO Jun 18, 2009

    FINALLY, after my first request for a refund from SoLow on 4/30/09, I am getting somewhere. They would not respond to my almost weekly emails to have a supervisor contact me. Finally, I emailed them on 6/14 again that I was disgusted with their customer service (among other things) and not to forget KARMA-what goes around comes around and that I prayed that this came back on them multiple times over. I got a response yesterday that they were going to refund my money & I should expect it within 3 weeks. No apology or anything but at least I am getting a refund. Then I will only believe it when I see it and hope the check doesn't bounce!

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  • Tx
    TXNCO Jun 01, 2009

    I keep emailing them about every 2 weeks asking for a response from the supervisor or president of the company regarding my refund. Haven't heard a word. Good thing I'm not holding my breath waiting...

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  • Be
    beenthere Jun 01, 2009

    Got text message on cell phone, premium message blocked from sender 236-87 which another poster says is SoLow. Too soon to tell if this made it to our cell phone bill.

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  • Tx
    TXNCO May 22, 2009

    I had the same thing happen to me on facebook. I was charged twice by SoLow and have had a couple of responses to my wanting a refund, the last stating that I agreed to the charges by getting the code on my cell phone. I have written them several times more asking to hear from a supervisor or the president of the company in order to get my money refunded. I have since had no response. They are a rip off company!!

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