Sleepy'sSleepy's Scam


Went to Sleepy's today to get a Sealy's Posturepedic advertised in Better Bedding. They advertise that they would match the price with 20% lower than the competetition. So great, I go there and the matresses they have are better than the competition, ok so I was born in 1980 which might feel like yesterday but doesn't everyone claim that their product is better. So i play along and they only match the price and offer free delivery. Great, now I have a coupon for $50 off the purchase and I found out that I cant combine it with other offers, now wait a minute, there is no disclaimers in the coupon. So after fighting trying to get the coupon amount i said forgett it and cancel the sale, its not worth it. I would rather go to a reputable store than to a whole bunch of scammers that draw you in and substitute.

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