Skywardshigh street no longer available

To whom it may concern
Both my wife and I, have been Skywards for many years, and so we where very disappointed when told that we could no longer redeem our points earned with High Street shop, when I asked a staff member as to why, the answer I got was, sorry I don't know, when I then asked, why as a customer, why weren't we informed? the reply was, sorry can't help you, I think that is very un professional, I have since wrote to ACCC, stating, we signed to Skywards, with the fact that we could redeem our points with High Street, and that Emirates/Skywards reneged on their part of the agreement, ACCC advised me to get in touch with you, in the hope that it would be amicably resolved
Regards Paul Bonnici. EK245300031


Oct 11, 2019

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