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F Jun 20, 2019 Review updated:

Do not purchase a Giant Schnauzer from Skansen's. I have done hours of research and found that within her breed of Giants is a carrier of toe cancer. The Giant Schnauzer Kennel Club has a list of dogs with toe cancer and several lead back to Ch Lucas de Campo. My male giant has had two toes removed in the past two years and today we received a diagnosis of lung cancer. This cancer spread from the toe cancer. It is squamous cell carcinoma. After reasesrching, I found numerous postings of our same story and more (leg amputations when toe cancer spread in dogs under 5 years old😥. ) A project was started to test DNA of Giants with toe cancer. This woman does not love these dogs. She just wants to make money. I have a female Giant from her too. She is 5. Unfortunately her breeding is also within the cancer producing Ch Lucas de Campo. The future does not look so great for her. My heart is broken... the anguish is unspeakable. My baby boy is the sweetest, bravest Giant. We fed our dogs the very best and did all that we could to make sure they were healthy and happy.

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      Jan 14, 2020

    Could you share with me the research you did? I’m in the waiting list for a black male giant schnauzer and recently came across some of these threads condemning the kennel. I am however a skeptic since one can’t trust everything they read. Many of us would appreciate it if you could link the work you’ve done. Thank You

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