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SK Auto PartsScam: No product, No Refunds

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On March 6th, I placed an order with Hector of SK Auto Parts. I was told that my order would be shipped and I would have it in 5 days. After waiting about 10 days, I started calling to see where my part was. Most of the time I would not get an answer. I would leave a message and of course no one has ever returned my calls. Finally, I did speak with someone and I was told that there had been a mistake and they did not have the part. I was going be mailed a refund...that was 3 weeks ago. For about a week, there was an answering message that said they would be closed for a week. Now there is nothing but ringing or a busy signal. The answering machines picks up, but no one will return calls. Now it seems as if they are out of business. The paypal link on their [censored] website has also been deactivated. This is a scam. Beware.


  • Me
    MexicanROBINhood Apr 21, 2009


    Man charged in ‘bad’ check scheme
    Rojano allegedly takes in more than $90, 000

    By Ann McArthur
    The Brownsville Herald

    A federal jury will decide if a Brownsville man with an alleged six-year history of fraud has written his last bad check.

    Indalecio “Indy” Carlos Rojano IV pleaded not guilty Tuesday to eight felony counts, including bank fraud, falsely representing Social Security number with intent to deceive, aggravated identity theft and wire fraud.

    Rojano requested a jury trial and is being held without bond.

    The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to theft in April and was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail.

    On June 13 he was re-arrested on the federal level after the U.S. Secret Service completed an investigation into his alleged fraudulent check scheme that took in more than $90, 000.

    According to the criminal complaint, Rojano admitted to the Secret Service and the Brownsville Police Department to making deposits to his personal and business bank accounts using checks he knew were closed. Rojano also admitted to fabricating checks with the use of his computer.

    According to federal court reports, Rojano opened three bank accounts with Texas State Bank on Elizabeth Street, and within a month he deposited 104 bad checks totaling $91, 846.13.

    Rojano used his father’s Social Security number to open the accounts in Brownsville. His father is a retired Brownsville police officer.

    Rojano has a history of allegedly writing hot checks that goes beyond county limits.

    Since 1999, state District Court records show Rojano has been charged with theft, issuing bad checks, and failure to appear in court in San Benito, South Padre Island, and Hidalgo County.

    Rachelle Rankin, co-owner of S&S Elite, a Denton family business that provides marching band services for high school students, said her business is $3600 in debt after Rojano allegedly posed as a drum instructor and wrote the company bad checks for their services last December.

    “It was a big loss for our company. Not only did we suffer money but we lost a lot of time trying to regain our losses, ” Rankin said. “It’s not safe for him to be in society.”

    Rankin’s hopes of paying off her business’s debt with a payment of restitution of funds were dashed last week when she received a letter stating that Rojano would not be able to pay her back due to the large amount of money that he owes to a myriad of people he allegedly stole from.

    Rick Canales, Rojano’s lawyer, said he expects the trial to be a lengthy one.

    “It is a complicated case because the paper trails to follow are tremendous, ” said Canales. “Part of the problem is that no one can tell how much money is at stake.”

    Lt. James Paschall recalls Rojano’s history with the police and said they have received many complaints regarding his activities.

    “Indy is notorious and a menace. He has victimized numerous people throughout the country, ” Paschall said. “For the citizens of this country, he should be found guilty.”

    Canales plans to make an appeal for bond later this week.

    All eight counts are punishable by a minimum of 71 years and more than $1 million in fines.

    Jury selection will be held on Aug. 11.

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  • Me
    MexicanROBINhood Apr 21, 2009


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  • Jc
    J.C.P Oct 13, 2010

    All this is so true i worked for this "[censor]" and he stold from all his employees!!! We all are in tele check because he gave us fraudulant payroll check. He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent.

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  • Ro
    Rob Drury Sep 15, 2016
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    Verified customer

    He opened up in San Antonio and did the same thing. I was his sales manager. Long story short, I was seeing things that mathematically didn't make sense. We were underselling all the competition by far too much to be turning a profit. Then, after talking to the customer service folks, I learned that most orders weren't being filled. Orders were "on hold" until Carlos directed them to be purchased and shipped. In the end, Carlos made up a story that he had to move to Brownsville to take care of his ailing parents. The operations manager and I were to continue to run things locally while he kept in contact. He also claimed that he was processing refunds for the pending orders. After a few days, he wouldn't answer our calls, and eventually his phone number changed. He owes me about $6, 000 in unpaid compensation. As best I can tell, he now lives in Brownsville and uses his birth name, Indalecio Rojano, or simply Junior Rojano. He has declared bankruptcy, so he's off the hook for everything. Criminal charges seem to be pointless because his father (a retired police officer) appears to have all the authorities in Brownsville in his hip pocket. Anyway, this guy is a total POS.

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  • Ar
    Artym15 Dec 28, 2018

    He screwed me out of months of our lives some one please help!

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