Siobhan Moore Whelanunethical behaviour ~ plagiarism and copyright theft

B Aug 11, 2019 Review updated:

Siobhan Moore Whelan admits she was Rochelle Moore, who had a book removed from publication after the publisher discovered at least a quarter of the book was plagiarism; works written by other people and not by Siobhan Moore Whelan. In short, she was stealing others writing off the internet and selling it for her gain.

Very unethical.

In the years that have passed, she has continued to copy others writings; mainly reviews from other psychics, to use as reviews for herself.

Fake reviews: also unethical.

Further more, she bullies and stalks people when the truth emerges, but not in her own name. Instead she makes up 'imaginary friends' to attack others.

Also highly unethical.

Which is why I am keeping my true identity hidden. I know her, and have visited with her many times. But slowly, I began to see what everyone was saying about her was true. So I did some digging. Its worse than I thought too. It could take a long time to go through it all. But I will do my best.

People, she will prey on you if you give her a chance. Never in her name though. She will find out all sorts about you, and use that to attack you. Most of it is in her head - made up. Ive seen her attack people online so often saying they're from here then there and all is so wrong.

She must be stopped one day.

Stay away from her.

Siobhan Moore Whelan

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