Shoppers Drug Mart / store clerk violating my human rights

Se Aug 22, 2019

My names serena

I've Been shopping at this shoppers for 5.5trs as I live 2 blocks away.. I have no car so its convenient to walk the 5 mins there and back . Never had an issue until now.. the other day wednesday august 14th at about 730pm I walked into shoppers in marda loop calgary, ab, not even 5 mins if being there I notice a store employee was eye me up hard, I was wearing short jean shorts, a tank top carrying my wallet and phone with my sunglasses on bcuz they are prescription sunglases. I Picked out a couple items from cosmetics and proceeded to the next aisle where I noticed her again watching me... it was when I walked to the next aisle I heard the announcement saying "security walk around, code red" ( I was wearing a red shirt) at this moment I realized she must have gotten a suspicious vibe from me.. not sure why.. maybe bcuz I'm metis nationality? Maybe it was my sunglasses... maybe it was jus a random watching due to the cosmetics I had in hand??? I went to the back of the store where I noticed the security guard extremely close by "straightening shelves" but was always a 5ft-7ft distance away, always being between me and the products.. I jus had to get laundry soap and cat food but then went to the aisle with feminine products along with products relating to safe sex and intimate gels ect... the security guy was no more than 5ft away the whole time with the chick being at the end of each aisle I was on. I needed to get some sensitive items in this aisle but was proving to be difficult as it was impossible for me to look at the products to decide which I wanted exactly... very private items to shop for and was really wanting my privacy so i can finish the items on my list. I was embarrassed and getting frustrated when i noticed the security guard grabbing one item while poking at a few others then going back in direction where he was straightening the items he just pushed around and put the item he took ...back on the shelf.. CLEARLY pretending.

Finaly the store clerk that had been watching me this whole time... started to walk down the aisle and at this time there was no other customers.. I figured was a good time to adress what was so clearly obvious... I asked them politely if there was anything I was doing that was inappropriate or cause concern ?? If there was anything I can do to ease their thoughts... and all she said was "we're just doing our job"

I asked why they are following me and she claimed they werent it was jus coincidence. I told her she can look in my wallet as I opened it up showing her over 200$ cash supporting my defense of any accusational assumptions and showing clear motive for NOT having a reason to steal anything as I had the money to pay for it... she backed away laughing at me as it was ridiculous of me to show her my wallet obviously denying the fact that I was making it clear that her suspicions of me were wrong..

again every time I said anything asked anything she replied with "jus doin my job"

I asked her what part of her job discription is she performing at that moment.. she didnt reply. I asked politely if I could be left alone suggesting to check my bags and receipt at the door before I leave... and she jus kept on saying shes jus doin her job. So I went and sat down at the pharmacy waiting area, she was still standing 5ft in front of me.. looking at me.. looking around but not leaving me alone. I told her I'd wait till my rights are being respected, specifically my personal space and pick out sensitive items while respecting my privacy... but for some reason she had a hard on hate for me and she could not explain her reasoning or any explanation behind her behaviour.

she then says to me" if yer not shopping, leave the store"

I replied with I'm waiting for a prescription, still she told me to leave again.

I told her " I'd leave once I'm left alone so I can grab the remaining 3 items on my list, then pay for them where u can check everything before I leave the store"

At this time every customer in the store is well aware if the little situation going on including the other staff members.. I was extremely embarrassed, humiliated. I've never been treated like that before. It's an ugly feeling to be treated as a criminal except I didnt do anything wrong. Never upset anyone, was never disrespectful to any of showcase set ups... or causing an disruption... NOTHING!!! I was just trying to shop at my favorite store!!! 😢

I was shaking to the point where I had tears in my eyes.. thinking hard on why this was happening to me.. why she couldn't give me an answer to my questions of, "why are u following me", "what am I doing that's upsetting or concerning u"

nothing.. she then said shes gonna call the cops to escort me out since i was not shopping even tho I told her once again.. I CANT SHOP WHEN U GUYS ARE PREVENTING ME TO SHOP BY STANDING BETWEEN ME AND THE PRODUCTS I NEED?!?!?

At this point I'm boiling mad... I had to meet a friend for coffee that I was already late bcuz of this ridiculous incident so I was speed walking out of the store and there she was speed walking behind me by maybe 1 to 2 ft.. basically rushing me out I asked her why she was following me so closely and again she said "I'm jus doing my job) I snapped and dropped the basket of items I had in the store at her ft telling her "then do yer job and put these back" and I left.

Tonight, august 21st.. a week after that first interaction... I walk into shoppers and I'm minding my own business once again.. was comparing to face cream products when again roughly only 5 mins of being there, this same walks up to me again asking me if I remembered her from the other night.

I said "no, I dont pay attention to ppl like u, I come here to get products so my focus is on that"

she then says to me " yer not allowed here anymore, u have to leave now"

again I asked why with that same snarky smirk she only said " bcuz they said u cant come in here anymore"

I reply" but why? What did I do?

Again she couldnt not give me a reason. She then threatened me again with calling the police. I should have stuck around, so the cop could tell me what my rights are, why theirs was, and more so if shed be able to give the police a reason as to why I was no longer aloud in the store.

I'm incredibly frustrated treated incredibly unfairly. Humiliated and now I cant go there. I'm a 33yr old single mother who goes to school and works part time. I take proud of the money I earn bcuz I work dam hard for it. And when I cant afford an item I want... guess what... that's what paydays are for!!! People who steal are not honourable ppl. And now I have no idea as to why i was being treated so much like a criminal when i know i didnt do anything wrong or even acting suspiciously. The fact that she couldnt be real with me and have mature conversation where she could express her concerns and ask me or even tell me why or this is the reason she got a bad vibe.. ANYTHING!?!?!

I HAVE NO VEHICLE AND the next closest shoppers is an hours long walk away. I got into shoppers at least 3 times a week!!! Over the course of 5.5yrs I've spent thousands of dollars here and am a huge fan of the optimum points system. I dont cry very often.. but tonight when I got back home I completely broke down and bawled.

Can anyone look into this please, view the surveillance videos if u can to see how my testimony lines up with what's on the video... to suggest a different protocol when dealing with loss prevention would be nice.. I understand there are alot of ppl who do steal from there.. the amount of times I've been in shoppers I've witnessed several moments of ppl actively stealing with a huge confrontation and at some times scary and worrisome situations... so I get it... i understand.. but why not wait by the door and ask to see receipt and search bags before they leave... and theirs would be caught red handed... and for the people who are INNOCENT and jus there to shop, my human rights arent being violated as I'm being stalked and purposely making it difficult for me to grab the items i need to the point of harassing someone who hasn't done a single thing to deserve that type of treatment.

The lady i was speaking about is roughly 5ft tall.. extremely short hair, less that an inch long in hair length type short, dark black mrrhair shes in her mid 40-50s. I didnt catch her name bcuz she doesnt have a name tag.

My number is 587.969.2931 if u have any questions or info on this. Please lemme know if anything else regarding this issue.

Thank u for yer time, and yer effort is greatly appreciated! Thank u and take care

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