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Co Aug 15, 2019 ON

On or about Wednesday August 7 2019 I went into store #1251 in Newcastle Ontario to pick up my girlfriends prescription. Upon going up to the pickup counter I was approached by a pharmacy technician who proceeded to hand my girlfriend and I a prohibition trespassing order in which stated that I and my girlfriend are not to enter the store or pharmacy again.
Naturally, I was upset as I was given no reason for this otherwise have had no problems at all using this pharmacy for about six years. Yes, I was upset but, I left the store because I didn't want to get arrested. This pharmacist told me that I.could speak to the owner of the store the next day.
I called the owner of the store (Seems Nail) and I was able to speak with her.
However, instead of getting a reason as to why we got the trespassing order, she told me that she didn't have to have any reason to kick us out of the store and she didn't have to tell me anything.
Myself and my girlfriend were humiliated in front of customers.
I kept asking for a reason and instead she threatened to call the cops if I called again. We've used this pharmacy since we moved to Newcastle without any issues.
My girlfriend takes stress related seizures and this was no exception because after the phone call to Seema(owner)/she had a full on seizure. The stress of it all caused this. I have no doubt.
This "lady" was so rude and cynical that there was no reasoning with her. She couldn't give me a reason as to why this was happening.
I want answers as I believe I'm entitled to. No explanation at all saying.she didnt need one.
I was embarrassed and felt like we were centered out.
Now, perhaps you can give her a call about customer courtesy. I want an apology for Heather for her seizure and to me for being so ignorant to me.
We've always been courteous and never had a problem. We are not trouble makers. I want answers and hope to get them.
You can contact me at [protected]. I don't want to go near the store again. I just want justice and to know what we did. Here in Canada, we have the right to know what we're being accused of other than simply not liking us. As I said, we have been going to Shoppers for years with no problems.
I'm very upset about this and I feel that we were getting picked on for whatever reason. I have no desire to speak to Seema again unless its an apology. I demand answers. There's no reason for what happened. We didn't do anything that should result in us being banned from the store.
Look forward to hearing from you as I hope you can get to the bottom of this. As I said, it was embarrassing and uncalled for.
Thank you and please respond to me. I need to know. Anyone in my situation would.

Owner: Sheena Naik

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