Shoppers Drug Martstore opens when the pharmacist decides to show up for work.

A Nov 04, 2019 Review updated:

Don't bother checking online when a Shoppers Drug Mart opens. The staff might be onsite ready to open, but they don't open until the pharmacist arrives - even if you don't require anything from the pharmacy. Shoppers DRUG Mart. And yet the MVP of the 1077 North Service Road location in Mississauga will not respect your time. Most employees at retail chains need to be at their location before the posted time for opening to prepare the store. If they haven't arrived by 8:10am then you can't just shrug and blame it on the rain. Perhaps the first snowfall or after a snowstorm. But last time I checked, rain is regular and can be accounted for.

I'll be going to Walmart the next time I need something at 8am in the morning.


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      Nov 05, 2019

    Legally, as shoppers is classified as a pharmacy (whereas walmart is not), it is ILLEGAL for staff to let you in to a shoppers store without a pharmacist on-site. Have you never been late getting to work? Grow up.

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