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I Nov 02, 2019 Review updated:

I don't mind bilingual signage in Ontario, however when they have Ontario Shoppers
Drug Mart signs made up in Quebec, the Quebec regulation dictates that French on top and English to be 1/4 size lettering below.
The English patron must ask the Pharmacist to translate the french because they can barely read smaller English printing.
Even Jean Coutu in Hawkesbury, whose headquarters is in Varennes (Québec) J3X 0E1
has their French and English lettering the same size. Maybe the English in Hawkesbury Ontario should go with Jean Coutu.

  • Updated by Ian W. Dennis · Nov 02, 2019

    This happens very often. This Shoppers Drug Mart (Flyer) ever week advertizes
    ie. eggs $1.88 doz. 2 days only (Saturday-Sunday). I used to go Sunday afternoon for the eggs and they were always out. So for the past few weeks I have gone Saturday afternoons and again they say that they are out.
    What a waste of our time and travel cost. I planned on buying other items but when I and other patrons find that this flase advertising happens again, we storm out to Walmart etc. to do our shopping.
    Please cease the egg $1.88 ads if you can't produce.


  • E
      Nov 03, 2019

    Well, you know how the French are. Snobby and elitist. I lived in Canada and loved it but learned very quickly to stay away from Quebec.

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