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Here is a copy of the email I sent to Amazon regarding a recent order which is supposed to be delivered by this company:

Attn: Amazon customer service and Nonstop Delivery (NSD)

I am writing in regards to my recent order of the Cosmo dual fuel range purchased on 11/9/19. I have had the worst delivery experience of my life in dealing with nonstop delivery and still have not received my order. The company failed to call me once they received my item. I had to contact Amazon and get their number and call them. It then took them 15 minutes to find the location of my item. I was then told my item would be delivered on 11/15/19. I took a day off work and waited and waited. I called them twice regarding my delivery and both times was told someone would call me back. Well, they never did. Finally I gave up and decided to request Amazon contact them, assuming Amazon would get results. Well, they gave the Amazon rep the runaround as well! They blatantly lied and stated they tried to contact me numerous times then said the delivery scheduler was gone for the weekend! They actually told the rep they would call me Monday OR Tuesday. I have had countless items delivered to my home and never have I had such difficulty receiving a product I purchased nor such blatant disregard of my time by a delivery company. I will never work with nonstop delivery again. Matter of fact, when making any purchase which requires third party delivery, I will refuse to order from any seller which uses this company. Amazon should drop this servicer in a heartbeat. They will do nothing but cause an uptick in customer complaints and returns. I plan to post a review of nonstop delivery on every consumer site I can find, including the BBB and Facebook.

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