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CB Animals and Pets Sheracoons Refund not received for kitten or plane fare.

Sheracoons review: Refund not received for kitten or plane fare. 3

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I have attached an email received today from Lisa Baron stating that she will not refund my money unless I sign a non-disclosure agreement. This speaks volumes but I wish to provide details. My family has been manipulated and misled. I signed a contract on May 22 for a specific male kitten. I viewed litters from three separate cat moms and carefully selected the gender and color preference which was communicated to Lisa. I paid a deposit in the amount of 425.00 and paid for a ticket with Southwest Airlines for both Lisa and the kitten. The kitten was to be delivered on August 8. On July 28, I received an email that stated that my kitten, which my family had already named and bonded with remotely was a female and not a male. Attached to the email was a picture of another male kitten whose coloring was completely different. Lisa stated that I could have the female or the other remaining male. We considered accepting the male although we grieved about the little cat we had watched grow and develop. She knew we wanted a little male and she waited until almost 10 weeks later to state that our little Frederick was not a male, and here is the only remaining male-take it or leave it. She called me the evening before we were supposed to receive our kitten to state that she could not come on August 8 as scheduled but come on Friday, August 11. Several days went by and we heard nothing. I called her and she stated that she could not come on Friday. In the meantime, my mother died and Lisa kept insisting that she could fly out the same day as my mother's funeral. I finally told her that we felt she was too deceptive and untrustworthy to make any additional plans. Lisa stated that she would need to sell the substitute male cat offered to us before she could refund my money. I completely prepaid for the original kitten. She accused me of threatening her when I stated that I would share this information if my money was not refunded.

Desired outcome: We expect a full refund for the cost of the kitten and the plane fare.

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Little Rock, US
Aug 18, 2023 5:52 pm EDT
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I have a problem with this review. Gender of Kittens are discussed in contract and I signed one that stated it could not be guaranteed, however, remedies could be offered. Sounds like she offered a remedy and this complainer, keyboard warrior, chose one but decided she did not want those remedies after the fact. Who would “pay for a ticket” and arrange for kitten pickup on the day of a funeral? This makes no sense! Timing cannot even be guaranteed, especially wirh airlines and difficulties they are having these days. Lisa told me to pick from dates after the kittens 14th week birthday (I could not have arranged any earlier). Lisa then paid for my plane ticket to get my cat to me, and shared all the details about the itinerary., plus provided an approved carrier, all health certificates and included this in my overall costs. This review sounds like a buyer’s remorse situation. In my contract it specifies if I walk from the contract, no refund of deposit and I didn’t pay in advance, but we talked about if I did so, and chose to walk, I would be refunded AFTER any sale of kitten, less difference. So, I chose to pay at pickup. I feel for anyone to lose a loved one, but it sounds a bit fishy and unrealistic what was posted. Thanks, Mike.

Lynn Des Lauriers
Columbus, US
Aug 21, 2023 7:53 pm EDT
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This person keeps posting the same bs. This is harassment, SheraCoons can sue for malicious intent and harassment. I have seen this review posted over and over in this same board. If I were you, Shera Coons, I would sue her because she has posted NOTHING valuable and NO updates or even screenshots validating this clearly false complaint. I have purchased kitten from this organisation and the contract is so CLEAR’ i would not refund either especially since we all sign a clause we willingly accept other remedies available. This lady seems bitter with buyer’s remorse. Nasty woman!

Lisa Baron
Sep 07, 2023 5:01 pm EDT
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Betty, I do apologize that you dissatisfied with my cattery and your experience, however as per my contract gender is not something that can be guaranteed so early on and it is addressed in my contract for this reason and as soon as I knew I reached out to you and did offer you another option and you agreed to accept the sibling male kitten. As far as flights I had a family emergency which was life or death and unfortunately had to change the date of ticket and we did not agree on any new date, even though I did attempt to try for that Friday it just did not work. Then you advised me that sadly your mother passed away and so I told you I had several days after your mother passed away and you told me the only that worked was that Friday and you then demanded a refund and then refused to work around any other schedule and then started sending me emails calling me names and trying to bully me into giving me a refund immediately which is not what my contract states or how it works. I am sorry we could not come to any amicable conclusion and you felt the need to post false and inaccurate information about my business.