Shellfraud price for gas.

Ch May 01, 2019

I was at a local gas station here in Charlotte, NC. I pulled into the gas station and the pump read 2.69 for premium. I thought to myself this is awesome.

I put a total of 20.02 in my tank. I requested a printed receipt at the pump, however it did not print.

I went inside and requested a printed receipt. I even mentioned to the associate how low the premium gas was at this location. How awesome this cost was at this time.

This is when the gas attendant informed me that the price on the pump was incorrect and that sometimes there is a malfunction of the price resembled on pump number 7.

At this time I asked why there was no sign out there to relay this to the customers. He just shrugged his shoulders.

I asked how much the real cost for the premium gas was and at this time he told me it was 3.24 a gallon.

At this time I requested to be refunded the difference and the attendant told me no.

I have reached out to file a complaint with Shell, however no one has called me back and it has been over a week.

Be careful when using Shell gas stations, because obviously they do not care about their customers.

This was complete fraud as the attendant knew the pump was not showing the correct price, and had done nothing to make customers aware.

As well them not wanting to refund me the difference. This was completely intentional.

Complete Fraud, I plan on getting in contact with my local news station to make them aware of this Shell location fraudulent behavior.

The public has a right to know this type of activity is allowed at this place of business.


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