Shellcashier non reactive/support of customers

J Oct 13, 2019

Oct. 10, 2019 early even I had followed a handicapped friend to the gas station to pump her gas. Upon arrival, she pulled up to the pump and I parked off to the side. I went to her car to get the money for gas and proceeded to the cashier, where I interrupted a lively conversation of a male and female with the cashier, gave her the money, returned to car, started pumping and began cleaning her windows, replaced nozzle and went to driver side to finish cleaning windshield, where the female came from behind me asking my friend to give her a ride down the road to get away from her crazy boy friend, then he came stating the same of the female and for us to ask the cashier, I finished what I was doing and told them we did not want to get involved and returned to my car, seeing that they had left her car and returned to the cashier box. Neither party seemed impaired much less upset. The cashier did nothing to stop them from them approaching her. Why would they approach the person receiving help, not the person helping if not looking for a victim? I am filing this to avoid another from becoming a victim.

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