Sheetzsheetz brothers coffee

Mt Oct 07, 2019

To offer a product WITH your name on it then serve an inferior and unsatisfactory product is a joke. Additionally if a customer says, this isn't right the answer is "yes sir/ma'am, how can I meet our satisfaction gaurantee"?
I order coffee from this store ALL the time. I have been getting the $5 breakfast special with an AMERICANO almost daily since the offer started. I won't drink the brewed self serve coffee here, it's just brown water. But for every SBC coffee drink I order I add an extra espresso shot. You don't seem to have a problem taking my money but getting my shot added... I get told, "yes it's added" but the person on drinks is either lying, and I have caught that and sometimes the best i can hope for is they reused the same espresso pod for my coffee as the pod for my extra shot. I DRINK THIS EVERYDAY. I KNOW HOW IT'S SUPPOSE TO TASTE. I can't even make my point with your employees. I've even tried to get a job working for you to try and bolster your coffee and drink offerings but this store just refuses to get it right or even try. With a Wawa at the other end of the street you would think that your coffee offering NEED to be on point.


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