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I visit this location at least twice a month after I get off of my part time job down the street. This is the 1st time I've visited the store and felt uncomfortable. While ordering my food I noticed the rep talking to a gentleman interrupt their conversation to talk to another rep who was located in the middle aisle. Do n't think anything of it, but when I go to get my hot chocolate the rep in the middle aisle jumped up and walked to the end of the aisle noticed I was at the coffee station, smiled and walked back to finish stocking. I go to get the top for the cup which is around the last aisle and she turns around quickly. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Nope!! The rep who was talking to the male customer(male customer had been gone for awhile at this time) walked up to the rep in the middle line and said "Did you see her?" The rep in the middle lane nodded her head yes. The rep who was talking to the man continued, "yeah she left". And instantly I looked around the aisle so that she could see that I was still there and that I had heard her. If I weren't the only female in the store for the past 5-10 minutes I wouldn't have thought they were talking about me, but it was obvious they were. It is extremely saddening when you've given no one a reason to assume you're going to steal something other than the color of your skin. Please talk to your representatives about diversity and racial profiling. Thanks


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      Oct 27, 2019

    And after you showed them you were indeed still there, what did they say? When you confronted them like an adult and asked if they were talking about you (because you did clarify that right? I mean, you wouldn't just come on a public website and accuse people of racism without verifying you do indeed know what the heck you are talking about, right?), what did they say?

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