Sheetznobody help the cashier

C Dec 22, 2019

I went to the Sheetz at 1841 Baltimore pike at 12:50 am to get a bottle of water for my daughter because she had a game and needed a water went to get in line and it was really long back to the fountain drinks at least 12 to 14 people in front of me the cashier asked for help over her Wilkie talkie and nobody came to help all 4 people continue to just make food a lot of people got really upset about this because 4 people making food when there is a long line of people that have places to go are standing in line running late because nobody wants to help the lady on register it's sad that the store is being ran like this with Christmas around the corner I did see a lady walk in see the line and walk back out so not only is this affecting us but it's affecting Sheetz loosing business I highly doubt anything will come out of this to that's why I am no longer going to this Sheetz I will go the extra 2 minutes up the road to Rutters gas station

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