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I often visit this location for my 30 minute lunch break, as it is the closet location I can get food. This arrangement between us work out wonderfully for a few months, then like many relationships the "honeymoon phase" started to fade away. It was little things at first like, forgetting napkins and the like. Then it progressed to focusing the your relationships with others and forgetting about me. I understand we agreed to keep things open and that we can see other people. However it seems you jave become to busy for me. Forgetting dressings on my subs leaving me to fend for my self in a dry wasteland of meat and lettuce. Only paying attention to 1 of my 3 requests for app samplers, making me ponder if it is even worth bringing it up to you. Heres hoping we can seek therapy and fix our problems. Love you forever but sometimes things just are not ment to be.

  • Updated by HeavyLion · Oct 23, 2019

    Clearly you both missed the point here.


  •   Oct 23, 2019

    Hi Heavy, it seems as if you are confused. Sheetz is a fast casual restaurant chain. You are not in any sort of relationship with Sheetz. I hope this clears things up!

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      Oct 23, 2019

    @DeAndre Washington LOL!

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      Oct 23, 2019

    Check your purchases before leaving the store.

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