Shaws Supermarketsrotisserie chicken.

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On Wednesday, August 28 at 6:55 I purchased the deli chicken from Shaws on Congress Street in Portland. The signature café whole roasted chicken which I purchased two were hot out of the oven at 2:45 I got the two dollar savings from the regular purchase price of 1398 and proceeded to go home to eat. I became violently L4 hours later and spent the next three days in bed with food poisoning missing two days of work and Sea Dogs game Friday night. I still have the chicken and would like to have it tested and some type of refund or retribution. thank you

Shaws Supermarkets
Shaws Supermarkets
Shaws Supermarkets
Shaws Supermarkets
Shaws Supermarkets

  • Updated by glstrom, Aug 31, 2019

    Violently ill that should read. Without going into graphic detail here is what I experienced.

    Symptoms of food poisoning can occur within 6 hours of eating. People may experience:

    stomach pain
    a fever
    Sickness from food poisoning can last from a few hours to several days.

    3 days to be exact that I cannot get back.

Aug 31, 2019
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  •   Aug 31, 2019

    I bought cooked chicken twice in my life. Shaw’s in Dartmouth and Market Basket in Seabrook. This was ten years apart yet each experience was horrible. Dartmouth chicken was undercooked with pink juices at the bottom of the plastic container. I had to microwave it until cooked but it was so salty inside with no skin(I removed it) that I called them to complain. They said to bring it back the next day before work . Manager of the deli department checked it and saw part of it pink. He met me at the service desk and gave me a $25 gift certificate for the $3.49 chicken. I hadn’t asked for a refund nor ask to return it. Funny thing is that he and his wife moved into the house across the street from me about seven years later.

    Seabrook chicken was over cooked and stringy and I returned it. The manager said that a new employee was loading the rotisserie chicken and set the temperature wrong. 400 degrees usually but they set it at 475 degrees. Refund given and free chicken and two sides included. Both sides were a pound container and I got cole slaw and broasted red potatoes.

    I haven’t bought or had cooked chicken since then. I did get cooked spare ribs but I chose the rack of ribs and requested that they come out after reaching an internal temperature of 170. It’s a local deli/mini -mart that was next to my bank. I’d get broiled fish and chose my fish or lobster or shrimp.

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