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Shaunti Feldhahn review: Issues: Misleading Statistics and Segregation and Partiality Mindset

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Shaunti Feldhahn is described by her website this way:

"Shaunti received her graduate degree from Harvard University and was an analyst on Wall Street before unexpectedly becoming a social researcher, best-selling author and popular speaker...but a wife and mom first. After receiving a graduate degree from Harvard, and working on Capitol Hill and Wall Street, Shaunti now uses her analytical skill to investigate the most important surprises about the most important people in our lives. She focuses on digging out the little changes that will make the biggest difference in our lives, relationships, families and workplace relationships.

Because each of Shaunti’s books is based on a multi-year, nationally-representative research study, they have become staples for both personal and professional relationships around the world, as well as for the therapists and clergy, corporate coaches and HR departments that serve families and organizations."

Despite this "glowing" review Shaunti Feldhahn's research is not 100% correct statistically. One reviewer named "Dalrock" had this to say:

"Does Shaunti Feldhahn’s rosy divorce data prove that no fault divorce is working out pretty well after all? is important to note that statistics around marriage and divorce can be difficult to pin down. In some cases this is because the data doesn’t exist, either because no one has collected the data or we are talking about future events. But even when the data is available and free from controversy it is easy to become confused as to what the data means. When looking at marriage and divorce data you need to always be clear about what question you are trying to answer, and what any given statistic actually tells you...

Feldham makes the extraordinary claim that divorce rates have never come close to the 40-50% statistic often quoted:

Now, expert demographers continue to project that 40-50% of couples will get divorced – but it is important to remember that those are projections. And I’m skeptical because the actual numbers have never come close, and divorce rates continue to drop, not rise! Even among the highest-risk age group –baby boomers—seven in ten are still married to their first spouse. Most of them have had 30 years’ worth of chances to get divorced…and they are still together.

However, her claim about baby boomer divorce rates is misleading at best, or perhaps outright untrue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45% of the youngest (ever married) boomers have experienced one or more divorces:

Eighty-seven percent of baby boomers born in the years 1957–1964 had married at least once by the time they reached age 46. Of those who had married, 45 percent had experienced at least one divorce.

Note that above she claimed actual divorce rates have never come close to the 40-50% range, and offered the boomers as proof of this. Yet according to the BLS, the younger half of the boomers already have a 45% divorce rate, exactly in the middle of the very range she is claiming we have never come close to."

As can be seen above there is in fact Error concerning some of the statistics that Shaunti Feldhahn has indeed given. There is also another issue to take note of as well:

There is apparent racial bias that can be seen by Shaunti Feldhahn especially in regards to her books. They contain a one-race design or a one-race picture presentation which reveals great racial bias especially towards one particular race namely the Caucasian race as a whole. This is a segregation or partiality mindset.

Examples of this are seen with the following books:

1. For Young Women Only: Where the picture presentation is a one-race picture presentation which is a Caucasian biased picture presentation. This picture presentation therefore carries with it the portrayal that the perfect or ideal young man is white and that the young women targeted are more or less going to be white. We call that racial bias as a whole.

2. The Life Ready Woman: The picture presentation is biased again only presenting a Caucasian woman on the front as though Caucasian women are the only ones who are supposed to be targeted. Nonwhite women are left out because the message that is being communicated seems to be that the "life ready woman" must be a Caucasian woman.

3. The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: The couple picture presentation happens again to be Caucasian in its portrayal as if the only marriages that are intended to be targeted so that they will be "Highly Happy" are those who are Caucasian or White. Again another presentation of racial bias is clearly seen again.

It is to be noted that an author is the one who picks or chooses the picture for the front cover of their book. It is not chosen by the publishing company but by the author themselves and it is interesting to note that Shaunti Feldhahn has chosen a one-race picture design which is a Caucasian picture on the front cover of her book promoting racial bias as a whole. Disgrace and Shame are two words that should be associated with these biased actions as a whole.

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Last Note: It is also interesting to note that there seems to be discriminatory hiring practices with Shaunti Feldhahn which is also exemplified or demonstrated in the assembling of team mates for her team by her being biased towards choosing her own Caucasian race.

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Shaunti Feldhahn

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