CB General Health Review of Sevita (NeuroRestorative Lexington)
Sevita (NeuroRestorative Lexington)

Sevita (NeuroRestorative Lexington) review: Traumatic brain injury program

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Administration and medical management, medication errors, treatment of patients, no accountability, physician Dr. Chad Walker (consultant) Treats and prescribes medication without consulting Legal guardian, writes and prescribes medication that specialist only should prescribe and monitor. Conflict of interest with patients at NeuroRestorative and being their consulting physician. Nurses adminastor medication per his written treatment (without consulting guardian) These people have caused damage to my son, board of Pharmacy and board of medical along with state officials are reviewing, not sure anyone but a medical malpractice attorney will hold them accountable. They are going to kill someone if something isn't done... Prescribed unnecessary medication Doxycycline 100mg tabs for over 6 years that caused Gastrointestinal problems and to date cannot tell me WHY or How this happened (got Pharmacy records) and other proof, even a email from nurse saying been on Doxycycline for over 5yrs... Dr kept prescribing for almost 2 years after Gastrointestinal problems (Gastroligist) never new of Doxycycline until it was discovered by another physician... They are all silent now...

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